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How did you get into Golden Sun?
Topic Started: Feb 17 2017, 01:32 PM (191 Views)
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Not the most interesting topic, but a topic is a topic right? If you judge my choices I'll have to call you Daddy or something and you really won't like that.

I'm sure there's a topic like this on the board already, but I'm afraid to search and find any old posts with me in them it's always good to get a new perspective.

Anyway, yeah... How did you guys get into the games?

Honestly I just started playing the first game because my oldest brother had it. His games were always off-limits because he was a huge cu jerk, but he let me play Golden Sun specifically because he thought the beginning was boring and I would get bored. He was right, but once Sol Sanctum started I was hooked. He forgot that he let me play the game in the first place, so I took it and hid it. I never brought out my Gameboy in front of him in case he remembered, either. :P

I've never actually played TLA. We didn't own it, and trying to get my parents to buy a game was like sticking your hand in a wasp's nest. They did not like video games (not sure why they kept buying us consoles if they didn't want games...). I just ordered a TLA cartridge in the mail and I started a week-long break from college today, so I'm hoping to get through the games before the Switch comes out.

Feel free to share your stories, no matter how mundane they might be
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