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Hello everyone!; I'm new here, yay.
Topic Started: Sep 1 2016, 03:50 PM (226 Views)
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Rainbow Goddess
Hi! Thanks for reading this!

I randomly stumbled across this website... and I sure am glad that I did!

I first encountered the Golden Sun series a few years ago when my older brother was playing Dark Dawn... He had made it to Dullahan but could not beat the bugger. He even spent hours grinding up to lv 80 and still couldn't win. Just for laughs, he told me to try fighting him... He underestimated my simple pigheadedness. After I figured out the gameplay, I tried a bunch of what seemed like strategies to my nine-year-old brain. I was basically just hurling gods at him and making Sveta beat him up in beastform... But eventually, it actually worked. I had to my brother to ask him what "felled" meant...

He made me start my own file after that...

So, fast forward a few years, I got ahold of the old GBA games, and I've been hooked ever since.

For a long time, I've been hoping to just find other people to chat about Golden Sun with. I like theorizing about what might happen in a Book 4, but I also like dreaming up fanart and various shipping nonsense... Maybe sometime I'll gain the confidence to post some of my work.

I don't know how active I will be with school just around the corner, but I am looking forward to being involved in the community!
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Ruler of Black Holes
It is always nice to see more people coming around to join our forums (God knows we need more life here). Nevertheless, welcome aboard bucko, and enjoy your stay. If other members hop around often, we also like to engage in Golden Sun theorizing and general shenanigans. :Happy:

And personally speaking, it always makes me happy to see more people discover and love these games. I know they do have flaws here and there, but I have never again played a game on the same level of gravitas that Golden Sun was and seeing people discover this beauty is certainly making this old war dog overjoyed. :D
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