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Golden Sun 4 Theories/Speculation
Topic Started: Feb 14 2016, 11:32 PM (487 Views)
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I thought it would be fun to do some speculating on Golden Sun's future. This could be anything from plot elements, potential characters or gameplay elements, whatever. Discuss theories and speculation you guys might have for Golden Sun 4, should it ever come out.

I believe that in GS4, we'll actually have a trip to Anemos and be able to visit the city that Sheba potentially comes from, and hopefully give Sheba some closure and find out about the mystery of her past. Apparently an Anemos area was planned for Dark Dawn but was cut early in development for whatever reason, which only gives more basis to this theory.

I also have a theory that Dark Dawn was originally supposed to be longer, but was inevitably decided to be split off into multiple games (games that have YET TO HAPPEN, CAMELOT. LOOKING AT YOU.) A lot of elements at the beginning of Dark Dawn just seem out of place, like why would there need to be so many ways to backtrack in the early portions of the game (Carver's Lumberyard, couple areas in Patcher's Place) if there was going to be a Point of No Return shortly after? It also felt weird to me that there were so many areas you can't explore but seem to be there in-game, like the other side of Carver's Camp, portions of the Konpa Ruins and the caves beneath them. It just felt like you were originally supposed to be able to backtrack to those areas, maybe find some hidden items/djinn or something.

I also suspect that the protagonist of GS4 will be Felix's son/daughter (hoping for daughter honestly because it would be awesome to have another female Venus adept, especially if she still had a similar build to the male Venus adepts like Matthew, Isaac, and Felix.) I feel like there's going to be another brother/sister dynamic in the original main party in the vein of Felix and Jenna. Maybe a Jupiter adept that's the child of Felix and Sheba alongside Felix's Venus Adept child?

It's also very likely that we'll get the addition of light and dark adepts in the next installment, potentially within out own party, though that would create this weird imbalance between the party that you would have to juggle, as if you want a light/dark adept on your team, you would have to loose out on one of the four main elements. This would create a really interesting party customizing aspect of the game, as you would have to balance your party accordingly to what may lie ahead.

Anyway, those are just a few of my theories and speculations about the potential GS4. What are your guys' thoughts?
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