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Megan and Justin
Topic Started: Oct 20 2013, 04:25 PM (364 Views)
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I wanted to know, are Megan and Justin Mercury-Adepts? Are they even Adepts? Because, when Isaac first meet Mia in that House and when this purple light of the Lighthouse was shown, Mia said: Only I can...(enter the Lighthouse?)...Oh no Alex!!
And then runs of, so she didnt think about Megan and Justin nor did she first check on them, whether they went to the Lighthouse or not...
On the other Hand I am sure, she told them not to go there, and those 2 would never disobey Mia, would they?
And if they arent Adepts, how can they be members of the Mercury Clan or how is Mia even able to teach them??
Does anyone know?? :Huh:
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The Icy Thief
Hm... pretty serious question. What I think is... maybe they are adepts but Mia didn't know for the first time, or I can say they have the ability (potency) of being adepts but it's not well trained and just forgotten. And at the last moment, Mia knows their hidden abilities and teach them.
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Ruler of Black Holes
I would also go with the not-trained version, tbh. An adept, even if not well-trained is still an adept. Let's not forget that Justin and Megan were the ones that contacted the Warriors of Vale when the last beacon was lit, along with Hama.

And since only adeps are directly affected by the restorative powers of the Lighthouses, it explains why they menaged to pull such a feat of Psynergy communication, despite their trainee nature (not counting Hama, as she already was well-trained to probably pull such a feat by herself).
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