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1. This is an area to hang out and have fun! Respect each other and don't start useless fights or flamewars.

* 1.1 Overuse of harsh/vulgar words is not allowed. No name-calling, either..

2. Don't Spam. It's annoying! discuss and keep topics ON TOPIC.

3. Keep everything suitable for all ages

* 3.1 Includes chat-box discussions, posts, and all fancraft content

4. In hopes of keeping discussions alive, try to post at LEAST 5 words, and/or 1 complete sentence.

5. Do not keep multiple accounts.

6. Members have rights:

* 6.1 Demote any abusive staff (via setting up a poll. Caz must be the one to demote the person if it's an admin, I guess)

* 6.2 Right to appeal (bans, demotions/promotions)

* 6.3 Suggest rule changes (within reason & approval)

7. RE: Punishments:

* I. Verbal Warning (must be very clear. DO NOT SKIP THIS)

* II. Kick

* III. 1 hr. ban

* IV. 1 day ban - DO NOT SKIP (if it's an annoying spammer, they probably won't come back, unless they REALLY have no life. One might be able to blow off steam after 1 day, but might still be angry after 1 hr.)

* V. One week ban

* VI. Forever ban.