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Dragon Weddings
Topic Started: Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:33 am (28 Views)
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From Draconic Rituals by Kaser Nekos, Historian in the Academy of Magic

Dragon Weddings to some that might seem a bit odd. Dragons are not known for their emotional side. In fact many would say they had none. And dragons themselves do not often find themselves in what the lesser races call love. Not that it has not happened. Dragon Weddings are rare very rare in fact. The last noted occurance of one was somewhere around 10,000 years ago. Though that was the last time anyone took actual note of it. Before that there are few written records on the subject.

What is written is usually from the perspective of the viewers who are not Dragon. Dragon written records are almost nonexistent. There is one though that this author has procured. It states ,"Dragon Marriages are not as the lesser mortals and other races. It is not just a binding of love and a few words. It is also a binding of spirit and soul. For a Dragon to marry he is to take on not only aspects of himself or even herself but aspects of their intended. The dragon gains a knowledge of their intended. So much that they know what each other is thinking and feeling. It also carries with it a weight for should the intended die the shock can be hard almost impossible to endure. It has been known for Dragons who have suffered this to have never fully recovered what they were. So it is both blessing and curse. The ritual itself is old and not spoke of outside our kind. It is spoken in Draconic of course and it binds the two. Kur is said to bless it and woe to those who try to break it. Because it is better to fight a mountain than break the bond given in the ritual."

Some of this desires explanation of course. But no dragon is willing to discuss it. Even my informant has an unwillingness to speak of it. He merely said," You would have to be Dragon". So again the secretiveness of the race rears its head.

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