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Faen Azkei
Topic Started: Thu Jun 7, 2018 1:29 am (93 Views)
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Faen Azkei
Gender: Male.
Age: At nineteen years old, Faen is a young adult.
Species: An aasimar, born of an Angel and Human. Otherworldly power runs dormant through his veins.
Occupation: Seeking to combat evil creatures and strengthen himself, Faen is experienced with hunting dangerous monsters. He doesn't mind being paid for it.

Appearance: Faen is five feet and eight inches (or 172 centimeters) tall, and weighs 140 pounds (or 63 kilograms). Faen has average physique, and is quite thin. His hair is a light blonde long enough to obscure his ears, and is kept tidy and straight. His eyes are a bright amber, and seem almost golden in color. Faen's skin is quite fair and clean. He wears a simple, but trusty longsword at his left hip. His clothes are a simple light, white shirt and pants that leaves movements unencumbered, as well as a white, hooded travelling cloak. He typically wears a calm and stoic expression.

Personality: Faen is calm and stoic, and doesn't express strong emotions. He cares plenty over personal hygiene, although he is not worried about getting dirty. Faen aims to help and protect people if he can, although he tempers generosity with wisdom, not acting naive or unnecessarily self-endangering in completing his duties. Despite his kindness, however, he feels little empathy towards those he sees as evil or enemies, and can be extremist in his self-imposed duty to clean such evil from the world. He views killing as a necessary evil in accomplishing this goal, and rarely feels guilt over such actions.

History: Elturel is a small, isolated town. It is rich in natural resources, and is rarely endangered due to the natural barriers of a thick wood and mountain ranges bordering it. However, Elturel is also a source of extraplanar energies, which often draws otherworldly creatures and unusual magic to it. During a sudden spike in this magic, abyssal and celestial creatures were drawn here. The abyssal creatures simply sook to slay the villagers, and the celestials, seeing them as anathema, wanted to slay those. Under constant attacks, many of the villagers fled into the woods in search of a safer settlement, but Hogar Azkei, a powerful warrior and champion of the village, stood his ground in slaying these creatures. He and other brave folk allied with the celestials to combat the abyssal creatures, and eventually grew to love an angelic warrior named Seraphina. Although Hogar later died in battle, Seraphina took her son to a monastery to mature as a human. Faen, at twelve years old, was visited by a friend and brother-in-arms of his father who taught him swordsmanship and monster hunting. Once he reached maturity, he left the monastery to strike out on his own...
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