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Hills and spiders; For Shu the cute spider girl
Topic Started: Fri May 11, 2018 5:32 pm (70 Views)
Marie Thlydd
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The thin veil of haze hung in the air in what seemed to be a perpetual miasma that would cover the hills eternally. Gentle steps crushed the slick grass beneath the boots of the woman walking through the hills carefully and her eyes aware of all movements.

The aura of the world around her was solemn; the quiet held little in the way of true noise and her breath added a counterpoint to the silence as she sent soft small wisps of mist flying from her face.

Marie continued on, her wanderings of this new plane were showing Imythess to be a place where reality was not always knowable and dreams were just as real.

What would she find here? That would be a new question and a new quest.

She paused as the fog shifted, something was coming. She stood ready for anything, "Who is there? Identify yourself!"
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Shugri was riding her faithful steed and companion, Shal-um (or Fuzzy Butt, when she was teasing him), a horse-sized fuzzy spider, over the Gray Hills at an easy pace, a small swarm of spiders following them, like a mother duck leading her children, only far more numerous. She was a young orc, but she was the size of many race's adults, despite only being a teen herself. She wore only simply leather garments, with a spear slung across her back, all of her belongings and gear fashioned from bone, wood, leather, and the like. She was interrupted from her leisurely stroll by the sound of someone demanding that she do something. She looked around for the source, and noticed a lone woman. She waved genially, and called out.

"What hyoo-mun want? Me Shugri, Shugri not know word, 'eye-din-fie'? You friend?"

As she waited for the answer, many of the swarm of small spiders that followed her approached closer to the stranger, clicking and staring in curiosity at the woman.
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Marie Thlydd
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The approaching source, it appeared to be, was an orcish woman on a giant spider the size of a horse.

The orc waved and called herself Shugri. She blinked rather stunned at the sight of not just the orc but of the several dozen spiders that now scuttled around the orc and mount. They each and all looked to her and then to Marie offering chittering sounds to each other and to the woman with them who was leading them apparently like a small arachnid army.

Shugri drew up on the horse and it was somewhat difficult to realize that she didn't know the word "Identify" but she introduced herself all the same and asked if Marie was Friend.

Marie shrugged. "That is a little difficult to say Shugri." she said looking up at the woman, "We have just met after all" she replied.

Rolling her shoulder she looked at the spiders now chittering and chattering around them. "But, at the moment, I can say I don't mean you harm if you don't mean me harm."

She looked back up. "So, Shugri was it? What are you doing all the way out here... with so many spiders?"
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