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Contact Us; List of active staff and how to contact them
Topic Started: Fri May 11, 2018 3:53 am (52 Views)
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Contact the Current Imythess Staff

Imythess is over 15 years old, and the task of overseeing its basic functions has fallen on a huge number of people over the years. As you're clicking around the site, you might notice that official information topics have been posted by many different accounts. It gets a little confusing when you're trying to figure out who's actually around to help you if you need something!

This topic explains who the current and active staff members are, what they do as part of their work here, and how to contact them. Just keep in mind that all of the Imythess staff are volunteers. They don't get any benefit from working hard to keep the site going.

That being said, though, don't be afraid to contact us. We don't believe that staff are superior human beings. We goof off, we make mistakes, and we know you don't care what we had for breakfast. No groveling necessary -- just speak your mind. (No, really. Please don't grovel. It makes us super uncomfortable).

Quick Guide

  • Ozan - Board Leader (Cbox or PM)
  • Leyanni - Co-Admin, Complex Features (PM)
  • Snellopy - Co-Admin, Persistent Features (PM)

Board Leader

The board leader is the person who's actively guiding and coordinating activities on the site. It has nothing to do with the usergroup a person is in, although most commonly the board leader will have the "Head Admin" tag next to their name to give them the powers they need to effectively coordinate the site. That's the case as I'm writing this as well.

My job is to make sure everything's okay. I go around cleaning up messes and looking out for places that could use some work. I'm not going to lie, though: I also have strong formal authority on the site. It's my job to give final approvals on new features and disciplinary actions for members. I also write a large majority of the site's lore articles (but make sure to put your lore questions in Help so others can benefit from the public venue).


I have the Cbox open a lot because I have unusual hours at my job. If the Cbox doesn't work, try PMing me. Please don't use my Discord for official site business such as submitting reports unless it's an emergency. Discord for me is strictly my "off-duty" time.

Co-Admin, Complex Features

Leyanni's job is to oversee the creation of new site features, as well as to maintain the more complex site features such as Staff Requests. She's also trawling the Help forum answering your tweaky mechanics questions.

Ley has been on staff for almost a decade and has single-handedly created, balanced, or otherwise helped with a great deal of the modern item system. There is not much in the Imythess system that she hasn't touched or isn't familiar with. If you have an item question, she can help you in the Help forum.

It's worthwhile to note that Ley doesn't actually hate you. She just has a really beige and to-the-point style of communicating.


PM her or yell at Ozan, who can reach her quickly. Ozan and Leyanni are roommates in real life. Please don't contact her on Discord for official site business unless it's an emergency.

Co-Admin, Persistent Features

He's fast. He's keen. He catches the board leader's embarrassing mistakes. He's been nicknamed the Shop Ninja by the community, and for good reason. Snellopy is responsible for daily site maintenance such as filling Sales Counter requests and giving out rewards for various board activities. This is the kind of feet-in-the-muck, brute force hard work that the site needs to keep afloat. He also helps a lot with other loose ends and new site features. Be sure to thank your local Shop Ninja when you can.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Snellopy could very well be the most easygoing man on the planet, so he's a great person to contact if you feel a little intimidated by me or Leyanni.


PM is good. He has a Discord account, but doesn't get a chance to use it too often. He's also in the Cbox pretty often at night (if you're in North America). Just keep in mind that he's usually less active on weekends and school holidays.

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