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Fortune's Fool; Tabula Rasa Tournament Pool [open; join any time]
Topic Started: Mon May 7, 2018 3:11 am (58 Views)
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An old wooden sign hung over an old wooden door, its hinges rusted and creaking. On the sign was painted a rota fortunae and the head of a fool, their once-bright colors long faded. To casual passers-by the door seemed to lead nowhere in particular, for being sandwiched in between two adjacent shops it could hardly accommodate a narrow alleyway, let alone a business. But those brave few who know that things can sometimes be more than what they seem might find treasure within, if they chose.

The door opened to reveal a long hallway, richly furnished, yet dimly lit. As the door closed the sounds from the street outside faded perhaps more than they should, and the lights in the hall grew brighter. The hallway extended what seemed farther than the length of the building, and at its end a set of stairs led down to the door of the basement below.

The large basement room was dizzying to most, at first, as reality blended with the edges of enchantment. Near the main door was an ordinary tavern, brightly lit, clean, and with friendly staff and décor. A life-size statue of a dwarf stood next to the bar, a warhammer in his right hand and a mug of ale in his left. On the far side from the door were four enchantments, in which cast illusions brought an arctic winter into the tavern with such realistic fabrication that it felt strange to be without a heavy coat, though the temperature in the room was comfortable. Four pairs of competitors fought in a snowy arena that started just a few feet from the end of the farthest tables and extended out into the depths of the Northern Reaches. The few audience members who had already arrived cheered on their favorites over a meal and a mug of ale.

Pyx sat at a table off to the side, a cap on his head and a drink at hand, counting the patrons' gold and scrawling names and wagers in a ledger. Behind him on a wall was a board that listed the current bets offered by the house. A bell rang somewhere nearby, signaling the start of the game. Pyx dutifully put down his quill and walked over to a small stage placed in front of the room, flaring his cloak dramatically and raising his hands for the room's attention.

"Guests! Our esteemed patron, Snellopy Stonewill, has opened the Tabula Rasa tournament!"

*Polite Applause*

Pyx gestured to the illusioned scenes behind him. "Behold, your competitors! Traveled from distant lands anear and afar to the Northern Reaches, and brought here to you in a humble-yet-clean tavern in Taras by the great and enchanted powers of Snell-o-vision, to fight, and mayhap to nearly die, for glory, for honor, for heaps of glistening gold, and above all for your entertainment!"

*Enthusiastic Applause*

"Let the wagering begin!"

Pyx bowed with another flare of his coat, stepped down from the stage, and resumed his seat to begin taking wagers from the tavern's patrons.
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