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Istan City's Shelf Slums
Topic Started: Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:12 am (260 Views)
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Istan City's Shelf Slums

"Do not dwell on the past for it is done, prepare for the future and what may come, and to what you cannot affect make yourself numb, or else you will drive yourself mad with the possibilities."
-Slums Proverb

Towering up the Southern wall of Istan City is a large, dilapidated wooden structure covered in walls and stairways, like shelf mushrooms crawling towards the sky. Teeming with life that looks down over the city, providing a view for the poor to wish for a better life, and the rich to look upon a monument with a twisted sense of misguided pride that even their poor have accommodations better than other nations, the slum are an oddity unique to Istan City with strange importance. Originally built centuries ago with the intention of being a vast Matandra compound, the battle-happy clan ultimately opened up a majority of the structure to the public to stay in, attracting poor and breeding criminal elements around what level the Matandra's kept for themselves.

Most of the slums' levels are considered residential, especially the very bottom and further to the top as it requires a longer trek to safely descend, but several lower levels are almost entirely taken up by various forms of businesses of surprisingly different qualities, often attributed to criminal enterprises using fronts hidden away from proper guards.

Within the slums light largely comes from artificial sources such as candles, easy light magic, alchemical mixtures, and simple enchantments. Spending too long within the deeper bowels of the structure can easily make one lose track of time with the outside world, and plenty can find themselves lost within the complex internal hallways, ramps, and staircases the wind through the slums. The rare visitor usually can recount spending hours wandering with no clue of how to exit, only to find themselves near to the top of the slums and finding a strangely beautiful view of the city.

Choose Your Words Carefully
Directly opposite to the choppy and quick dialect of Istani military, the inhabitants of the slums speak wholly, choose their words carefully, and practically whisper each syllable. Historically within the slums, misunderstanding have led to beatings and even murders, as such it has become deeply ingrained into the local culture to speak without leaving a single piece of their message to be misunderstood. The only exception to this is the local Matandra clan, whose carelessness often invites challenge, as such they can speak without much care to their words though they still carry the habit of speaking completely.
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