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Questioning Selves; Inner Landscape GRP, DNR
Topic Started: Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:21 am (30 Views)
Nestor Tariq Telemachus
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Tariq had spent most of the day tracking this deer, yet it still eluded him. He pushed himself, as it was beginning to get dark, and his prey remained out of sight. Skilled as he was, it eventually became too dark for him to follow the trail. Disappointed in how the hunt had progressed, Tariq flung himself to the ground and made camp where he was, forgoing fire and food as penance. It was unusual for him to be so careless and not scout out the area, but he was exhausted, and sleep soon took him. Not far from where he lay his head, was a body of water with an unpleasant, off-putting look. As the night progressed, a dark and foetid mist arose from it, thickening until Tariq was engulfed within.

The traveller twitched and moaned, but could not awake. His pleasant dream of Alessa shattered. Tariq was awake but not, and knew it to be thus. The "world" for want of a better term dissolved around him and then reformed. Hard, angular planes in muted colours intersected and bled together, but apart from that apparent strangeness,Tariq felt strangely comforted by the scenery. It felt right, somehow, Sensible. Dependable. He did not wish to remain, though.Picking a direction at random, he began looking for some sign of how to escape this place. He made good time on the gently undulating terrain, but seemed no closer to any sensible destination. A figure materialised in front of him, and Tariq took a step back in surprise. The flowing, beaded burnoose, the piercing green eyes ensconced in mahogany skin, the staff of office of a member of the council... it was obviously Elder Waheed, but just as obviously, could not be. The worthy one stroked his greying beard, and bowed to Tariq.

"Greetings and blessings upon you, Traveller."

"Blessings and greetings to you, Elder Waheed. Forgive my impertinence, but I must ask, how did you--we--get here?"

The figure before him smiled. "How did we get here? A good question, yet we still await one more,"

The world shivered and bifurcated, and changed once again. Tariq was flung to the ground. He lay stunned for a moment. Where before the world was strange yet reassuring in its composition, now it had sections where the elements were completely different, whorls and vast sweeping arcs in riotous colours, many which had never before been seen by the human eye. Though it perturbed him greatly, Tariqv tried not to let it show, but he lost his composure when he saw the figure standing next to Elder Waheed. There somehow stood The Entity! This was something even more impossible than the presence of Elder Waheed, as Tariq himself was The Entity!

"But... But... How? He? I? What is happening?"

"Calm yourself, questor, for nothing is hidden to the Etherial. This is a test... for you... of you--all of you. Mayhaps it will also help you in your seeking, but you must be honest with yourselves for it to work. It is the only way for you to leave my demense.

Tariq swore, and was about to stalk away in anger when The Entity threw back his head and laughed. "Why, sirrah, ye shame me, for ne'er wouldst I have taken myself for one whomst'd've been scared of the truth! Surely would dear, sweet Alessa weep, 'ere she saw her beloved act thusly!"

Goaded by his own words, Tariq froze in place, then turned back to himself and the questioner.

Elder Waheed smiled. "Truly, questor, though this land is strange to you, I mean you no harm. To be free, you must answer, and true, both of you.

Tariq nodded, and The Entity strode over to take up station next to himself, with an ostentatious swirl of his cape.

Elder Waheed looked at them both. "From this point on, let no untruth pass your lips, lest you be consigned to this realm for eternity. Neither should you interrupt the other, nor gainsay again, for even though both are you, you look at the world through different prisms, and what Is may be changed because of it."

Their interrogator raised his hand, and pointed. "You, Nestor Tariq Telemachus, shall answer each question first, to the best of your abilities. Deep run your thoughts, yet from them you shy away," he turned slightly, and smiled. "And you, Entity, will answer the same question, but from your point of view. Answer them for yourself though, not the other."

Elder Waheed grew solemn."And now, we begin. What is your greatest fear?"

Tariq thought. "Hard for me to say, for there are two that fluctuate within me. One is t that I will never be successful in my quest, to incorporate a sense of humour into my personality, and so will be forced to roam in exile for the rest of my life. The other is that The Entity will engulf me, and though my quest would be successful, I would be too different, and Alessa would turn away."

The Entity answered. "I fear that though mighty I be, some day I will fail in my defence of Bystanders. Some nefarious Miscreant shall become triumphant through their underhanded tactics. It is not for mine own life, but that of the Bystanders for whom I mourn."

Waheed smiled. "It is well that you both choose to answer so! I have faith that it will continue. What is the trait you hate most about yourself?"

"Though the tribe may think it would be and obvious choice, that which I quest for, a sense of humour, it is not the case. Pehaps when I acquire one I shall look back on my previous life and weep, but I think not. For me, the faul that is most disappointing to me is my reserved nature, and lack of spontenaity. No matter how hard I tried, never could I be described as a romantic, nor did I surprise Alessa with unexpected tenderness."

The Entity took his turn. "I despise that my existence must be hidden, though it be through the fault lies not with me."

Elder Waheed shook his head. "My friend, you forget, answer the question as you, and for you. Try again."

The Entity shrugged "I would have to say that I feel powerless. Bystanders everywhere are being oppressed and overrun by Miscreants, yet I can only do so much."

"What traits do you value most in your friends?"

Tariq smiled. "The kindness of the tribe for their thoughtful punishment of my crime. I took a life, and so too shall I be extinguished, by travelling until I am able to integrate a sense of humour into my personality. I have made some progress," he said, giving a rueful glance at his own figure standing next to himself, "But I do have a long way to go."

For The Enity, the answer was easy. "I am deeply moved by and always appreciate the attention and adoration of the Bystanders that I save from the machinations of Miscreants with my noble actions."

"What would be your preferred way to die?"

His eyes brimming with tears, Tariq answered. "Old, at home, in the arms of Alessa, surrounded by our loved ones. I would wish for us to pass away together, or at least within a short span of time. I know not how I would carry on if she was taken from me, and do not wish to burden her remaining time with thoughts of me, if I was to depart first."

"The answer is obvious! Sacrificing my own life to protect Bystanders, while taking out powerful a Miscreant with my last breath."

"What do you care about most?"

"Alessa, my best beloved. We are meant to be, together and always, once I complete my quest and become worthy of her."

"How self-centred! For me, it is stopping injustice, twarting Miscreants and protecting Bystanders."

"What is your greatest regret?"

"I regret my overreaction to Farouk's taunts, slaying him was indeed too extreme, I see that now. But as always, good has come of it, and I will be improved and absolved by the end of my quest."

"I regret all the Bystanders that due to time or circumstance, I cannot save. Each Miscreant that wields their power unchecked is like a spike driven into my soul, and I long for the day when I need no longer hide my virtuous deeds."

Elder Waheed smiled. "You have been very brave with your answers so far, so now a reward. Bend your thoughts towards joy. What is your idea of perfect happiness?"

"Alessa in my arms, as we watch our eldest son breaking in horses. We have both taken our rightful place on the council of elders, and the tribe comes to us for guidance."

"Freeing Bystanders from the tyrannical yoke of Miscreants. Every noble deed I commit, every righteous act I execute, these bring me happiness."

"What haunts you the most?"

"The fear that my quest will take too long, and I will return to the tribe and Alessa will have moved on, and no longer reciprocate my love."

"Any time a Miscreant escapes me, or I am too late to prevent harm to a Bystander. I wish there was more I could do to keep every Bystander safe and bring every Miscreant to justice, but The Entity is just one man... but what a man!"

"What do you consider your greatest achievement?"

"I am a simple man, with small, personal joys. The way that Alessa and I have carried ourselves, since the beginning, to now. It would have been easier to escape my punishment, and run away together, but this is the better route in the long run, for both of us."

"My service in protecting Bystanders from Miscreants. Their atrocities are abhorrent, but thus does my virtue shine ever brighter in comparison."

"I thank you for participating, Tariq, both of you. A final question, then you are free. What is the best gift you could ever receive?"

"This you would know, if you really were who you seemed. The forgiveness of the tribe, after earning it by completing my quest. It would allow me to return to my darling Alessa."

"I have that, already, in payment for my daring service to all Bystanders, as I keep Imythess safe from Miscreants. The adoration and appreciation of Bystanders is a balm, above and beyond the joy of my noble deeds."

As The Entity finished speaking, Elder Waheed grew indistinct and faded into the background. Tariq looked at The Entity. "I thank you for your honesty. And I hope someday in the future, we will become one. Farewell and blessings to you,"

"I also would like that. Blessings and farewell to you," he answered.

Tariq jerked awake, the sun just cresting the the horizon. In a daze, he shook his head. Had he dreamed it? It seemed so very real. He rolled over in his bedroll, and saw a familiar sigil, created out of ice, sublimating away in the sun's first rays. Tariq thought he would indeed find the answers he'd given--both of him--useful guides in his quest.
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