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[a] Epic Initiative: Kill it with Fire
Topic Started: Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:50 pm (74 Views)
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Leo gets lost in the dark spider-filled swamps and woods, and is stumbled upon by the surprisingly young orc runaway, Shugri. An immediate problem presents itself in the form a language barrier, Shugri not speaking common at all. Complicating this, is Leo's distaste for spiders in general, which causing a bit of apprehension given that Shugri keeps a large one as a pet, and apparently talks with it. They learn, through a combination of charades and trial-and-error, to establish a crude means of communication, and learn to hunt together for survival and resources. Leo decides to look after the young orc, and perhaps help her learn to integrate with other cultures and people.
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I concur, and believe Spiderhaunt should be phased out of existence.
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Shop Ninja

Your Initiative has been accepted. Keep telling stories, mates!

Sorry you two, I thought I paid you out, but apparently not. Apologies for the delay
Edited by Snellopy, Thu Mar 1, 2018 2:26 am.
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