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The woman from beyond time
Topic Started: Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:40 am (192 Views)
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Your Character's Name Wren Arrn'ess

Gender: Female
Age: 995 (Appears to be entering her twenties
Species: Azathani
Class: Sniper
Occupation: Relic Hunter
Nationality: The Sacred Citadel (In the current time of Imythess The sacred Citadel would end up being located in the northwest reaches of Dragonspine mountains near the sea. It currently does not exist as the Azathani have yet to actually appear.)

Primary Element: Air
Secondary Element: Light

Appearance: Wren is average in height and weight for an Azathani (And for comparison reasons humans) Her silver eyes are always looking at things but you can never tell if she is looking at things or past them. She wears simple colors that tend to be a purple or greyscale. She has brown hair that goes to her elbows and keeps it loosely bound.

Personality: Wren is a mystery to most who do not know the Azathani. She speaks properly but has little in the way of affection and her emotions aren't always properly expressed to others. (Example: She tries to be sympathetic but messes up by sounding perky and happy. Or she'll be attempting to make a joke but instead sounds deadpan) This causes her to use more words than necessary to express what she means. Unless she is being questioned.

History Wren does not come from the current timeline of Imythess. She hails from a very far and bleak future where most of the world, not just Imythess, is currently destroyed and being assaulted by an enemy she only calls "Tilan." If this is an Azathani word she will not translate it. She has come back in time to stop the coming of the Tilan and to bring hope to Imythess and the world's future.

Wren's lived most, if not all her life before returning to the current timeline, in the Sacred Citadel being trained and taught by most of the greatest Azathani, to include her Master, The Protector (whom she finds a fool and he finds her short sighted. Both are accurate and at the same time wrong)Because she resides among the Azathani a lot and has seen very little of the world of Imythess she's come to a bit of a tainted biased opinion of it's people that contradicts in her mind. (See keeper)


As a race Azathani are not unique to Imythess. They do not come from Charon or the material plane but have entered from another place that they simply call "Vitr." No one knows where Vitr is and the Azathani are not in a hurry to explain. Azathani have a natural belief that Imythess is their home now and wherever Vitr is it is now obvious that they do not desire to return anytime soon.

They have made themselves a small nation in the Dragonspine mountains they have called Kamor' Vane. In the Azathani tongue, it roughly translates to "Hearth among Homes" although any Azathani will tell you the meaning goes much deeper.

This, in essence, means that they have named their nation this to honor Imythess and it's people for allowing them to remain and will defend the country and its people as strongly and valiantly as any natural born imythessian.


Azathani range in height from 4'9" to 6'3" depending on age and gender with men being taller than women. They are rarely overly tall or short as these extremes are rare to unheard of. Hair color ranges from mid browns to deep blacks and they are never red-haired though occasionally a blonde child will be born if both parents have excessively light brown hair.

Azathani eyes are always Silver, and there have grown to some superstition with the claim that an Azathani who looks in someone's eyes can sear their soul.

This superstition, while completely inaccurate and false does have some minor ties to a real-life event that happened between a Leader of the Katai Union, a Kalach diplomat of dubious morals and an Azathani high priestess who was present. Though such stories are rarely told because of the delicate political matters involved.

Azathani are also near ageless, similar to elves though they age at a slightly lower rate. An Azathani who is a thousand years old may be considered venerable by most humans but is just entering adulthood by the beliefs of the Azathani. An age where most are considered middle aged is about 5K-6K years and if you live to be more than 8K you are ancient. A few Azathani lived to be 10000 years old but they are far rare indeed. The most notable three are the Old Man and The Swordmaker, and the Queen of the Silent Throne.

Personality: Azathani are calm and collected, even in most circumstances. They are alert to their surroundings and have shown a great fortitude in the wars that have assailed the world around them. This is not to say that Azathani are incapable of any emotion. It is merely that their longer lives (Similar to elves) permit them a greater control over them. It is said that few people have seen an Azathani enraged. And those who have describe it as terrifiyingly frightening.

Their natural ability to read the hearts of others have given them a unique position in the culture of Imythess as dignitaries of warring factions.


Azathani are strange to most races because they have little if any connection to material belongings. Their discourse has occurred several times when raided by minor states in the northern reaches and the Dragonspine mountains. They merely stood by as everything they owned was either stolen or destroyed.

They merely value other things that cannot be held: Honor, Integrity, Love, Faith, Hope. These are what the Azathani value. Should you ask someone about this they would reply that "I could have a sword that was owned by my father's father's father. And on down my line to the beginning. It could have saved kings and queens, it could have fed families up to and including my own. But it is a sword. I can ask a smith for another. I cannot ask someone to replace my tarnished reputation. My broken honor. My lost integrity."

Truth by One Word

The Azathani have a very interesting viewpoint on one of the more solid things in Charon. Truth.

They believe that truth is singular, that lies are made up of words upon words. In this belief they hold that truth can be spoken and properly obtained by use of speaking only a single word. When being asked questions during interrogation or about a situation Azathani will use only one word. They have yet to find one who can accurately lie speaking only one word.


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