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Additional Earth Spells
Topic Started: Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:14 am (109 Views)
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Okay, so I was hoping to add some earth spells to the shop. I feel like there are some good additions to be made. If this isn't an option I could probably use CIT, but I rather not waste them. I guess I could also turn them into a cPrC, but I struggle with that :/

Earth Rotation: A circular formation of ground underneath an opponent rotates rapidly turning an opponent around.

Earth Propulsion: The ground underneath shoots upward causing the user the jump great lengths and heights.

Earth Pillars: The user manipulates their control over the earth element to create large pillars of earth to strike at an opponent. The pillars can vary in size depending on the amount of energy the user puts into them.

Defensive Slabs: Five small boulders rise from the ground and surround the user. These boulders will be in a constant rotation and will be able to block attacks as they come through. Each one will be able to block an attack and then will break away depending on the strength.
Edited by Taven, Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:14 am.
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This topic has been moved to the Suggestions forum.
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Thanks! Sorry I put it in the wrong place!
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