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Limit 2 Clarification
Topic Started: Sat Feb 3, 2018 4:18 am (135 Views)
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Skjoldir's Scales

Scales from Skjoldir's own body fuse into the flesh of the limb onto which they are grafted, providing you with a tough but flexible layer of scales of moderate thickness (0.25 inch / 0.635 cm) that overlap in an interlocking fashion upon the limb. Bladed weapons will have extreme difficulty piercing through this protective layer. In addition, any injuries received by this graft will slowly mend over time. A minor wound will be mostly healed after 2 posts. A deep wound will stop bleeding out after 3 posts, and begin to reclose after 5. If the graft is cut off it will regrow over 2 days. This material is a living graft material which is healed by healing spells and energies and harmed by necrotic energies.

Limit: 2

Is that limit per character, per player, or per player to claim? If it's per player to claim, can more Scales grafts be sold to a person who already has 2?
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Would say per character. AKA no full scale grafts.
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