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Obitu Skeletons
Topic Started: Thu Feb 1, 2018 1:31 am (27 Views)
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Obitu, Living Skeletons

Brief Summary - Obitu are skeletons that are, oddly enough, healed by positive energy. Unlike most skeletons that may feed into darker tendencies from their power source of negative energy, Obitu are literally the opposite, their reactions to positive energy make them happy and energetic. Obitu are also social creatures, even if they are not accepted in most remote regions they have found themselves accepted in a few of the larger cities.


The Creation of Obitu

Obitu were not created on purpose. An ancient necromancer wishing for world domination made hundreds, possibly even thousands of undead variants, trying to find the perfect undead to mass produce for his purposes. One of his attempts was to create a skeleton that would grow similar to a human, all it needed was time and proper nutrients, in this case calcium.

The necromancer himself had long since become an undead creature himself, he bathed the little skeleton in milk, while he was raising it he tried creating viruses made from the plague of undeath. His experiments were mostly failures, one of his experiments had failed so badly that it was feeding off of negative energy but not growing stronger. He threw the vial, shattering it against the wall, splashing the miniature skeleton and causing it to screech in pain.

The skeleton fell apart and necromancer moved on, leaving his lair, thinking a change of location might help him in some way. He left the skeleton's remains behind, it was just another failed experiment.

It had been years later when the skeleton was brought back to life, but not be a necromancer, by a cleric. A cleric and his religious group had come to cleanse the place of negative energy, flooding the undead creatures and failed experiments with positive energy. This blast of positive energy had been what reawakened the dormant virus, it fed off of the positive energy, devouring it until it formed a small soul, a small mind, the skeleton cried out in fear, shaking in fear when the clerics hit him with positive energy... but he felt no pain, only warmth.

He was taken in by the clerics, to be studied as an oddity, he was given the name 'Obitu' in old elven it meant 'Good Spirit'. Obitu was raised by the clerics, learning right from wrong, the clerics were worshipers of a life god and Obitu also praised this god, claiming that if he was truly an affront to the god of life that he would be struck down by positive energy.

It was decades later when he was killed by a cleric that refused to accept him. His bones were buried and the traitor murdered... it was a few years later during a sanctification ritual at the graveyard that every grave opened, skeletons rising from the graves, shaking and scared. They were called the Obitu as they had caught the virus from the original Obitu.


Locations that accept or hate Obitu

Obitu have only recently been accepted into society as they are still very rare creations. As such only certain regions in a few of the nation states even accept them as people.

Cascadia - Obitu in Cascadia are rarely allowed into the flying city and are often chased out of the smaller towns scattered all over the region. Surprisingly enough it is the farmers that are most accepting of the skeletal people... but that's mostly because they seem to act as living scarecrows.

Taras - Taras accepts the Obitu as they are usually refugees like many of their own native Tarasians. Obitu may be feared by those that don't understand them, but their friendly manner usually brushes those fears away after a few months of knowing them.

Istan and Rozanai - Obitu are welcomed there for their strong sense of justice and nimble bodies, allowing them to work in many ways either in the military or in the cities. Obitu rarely go there though as they dislike the extreme heat of the desert.

Balefire - 400 years ago there was a great purge of undead, many Obitu were destroyed during this act. It is only recently that the Obitu have come out of hiding, while not completely accepted they bring a bit of joy and brightness to an otherwise dreary country.

Striberg - Obitu rarely go to such a place, they are treated as less than animals most of the time by the natives and the Stranded think little of them. Obitu also dislike the extreme cold.

The Kingdom Under the Mountain and Norwood Elves - Hated. The two races loathe the Obitu and often chase them from their countries if not outright kill.

Debon - They are usually ignored in Debon, their lack of undead plagues has made them easily ignored as just 'other' people.

Ivory League - The League accepts the Obitu as their citizens and has even offered to help them figure out how their disease works, allowing the Obitu to make more of their own kind. So far all experiments and research has been inconclusive.


The Average Obitu

Obitu are odd undead, their skulls are surprisingly flexible allowing them to make limited facial expressions. Obitu also respond well to positive energy, while negative energy harms them, but they do have a bit of a resistance to such a thing, even if it's only from their lack of flesh for the negative energy to rot.

Obitu prefer bright colors and bringing good news, whether it is as a paladin protecting people or a jester to entertain children. Obitu rarely become evil, but those that do find themselves exceptionally good at manipulating the undead.
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