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New Frostfiend PrC is the First Elemental Specialist PrC; [Shop]
Topic Started: Mon Jan 29, 2018 7:41 pm (141 Views)
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I can't move my legs to flee or charge. I can't shout over the howling ice. I can't feel anything. The world is a churning void.

My buddy extends his hand toward me, but I can't reach him. His fingers freeze solid. Ice crawls up the length of his arm. Coats his face, his eyes. A single blow shatters him.

We should have never come here.

There is a brand-new Prestige Class for ice magic users or characters with an ice theme. Frostfiend is a debuff monster, built around wearing down enemies through sheer misery. It has a special meta-mechanic called Attrition, which makes the battlefield colder and pops occasional debuffs on enemies whenever certain Frostfiend abilities are used (or as a fight drags out).

Unlike pre-existing elemental PrCs, Frostfiend requires you to have an ice specialty. In return, the PrC is more powerful than usual.

We hope you enjoy this! Sorry it didn't come out earlier. We were trying to get this released alongside the earth magic counterpart, but it didn't happen. We learned our lesson and will be sure not to try to rush-bundle updates in the future.

Special thanks to Aeyliea and Leyanni for helping with this.

P.S. -
I'm not excited about the names of most of the Frostfiend abilities. Staff members were exhausted and couldn't think of anything better. If you've got an idea, would you mind helping us give these abilities more interesting or memorable names? Post your ability name suggestions as a reply to this topic, being sure to specify which current ability name it's intended to replace. Thanks a ton!

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Winter's Heart > Frozen Heart

Ice Shaper > Ice Sculptor

Brittle Ice > Frigid Maw

Futility of the Charge > Cheval de Freeze

Stillness of Winter > Winter's Veil

Piercing Shard > Hypothermic Shard

Boneshaker > Cold Miser

Channel the Cold > Frosty Power

Lifeless Hellscape > Arctic Wasteland

Unforgiving Grip > Glacial Grasp
Edited by Ogichi, Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:18 am.
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