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Mezizi does Limericks?
Topic Started: Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:00 am (609 Views)
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The Drow of Xibalba will face their debt,
For Meziziís blade they havenít yet met,
Soon theyíll pass
In an unholy mass
Leaving the Goblins with nothing to fret.

The live in their large ornate tower
They expect the goblins to serve and cower
Little to they know
That they are just Drow
And the tree of revenge has already began to flower

Allies, Iíll find to help with this fight.
The Drow will be defenseless against our combined might
They will not be forgiven
Instead theyíll be driven
From their homes, castles, and disappear from their sight

Iíll then turn to the great city of Istan
The oneís who helped bring freedom to his honorable clan
They will fight for cause
Give no quarter or pause
For if anyone can do it the Goblins of Xibalba can

The Istani army will be victorious
And the battles shall be glorious
All their foes should know
That the reap what they sow
For they are just goblins and will always be notorious

The goblins will be loyal and brave
For their people they did help save
To help and serve
Without slight or swerve
For their freedom the nation of Istan has gave

Forever this deal will be honored diligently
Their army will watch for foes vigilantly
They will be a day
An army theyíll slay
This allegiance between nations will continue magnificently
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