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[a] Epic Initiative: To Be Honest
Topic Started: Sat Jan 6, 2018 2:46 pm (63 Views)
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To Be Honest

Length: 4 pages, 50 posts.

Participants: Silnimare, and Buddy (Ogichi)

Synopsis: Silnimare is spending time with her newly adopted son Cyrus on the docks of Taras, when she encounters Buddy Holly, a pirate she has previously dealt with. They begin to talk, learning more about each other, Buddy relieved that Silnimare is no longer in the Navy. As they both get a better grasp of the other, a friendship begins to form, leading to advice, a song, and an impulsive decision, where Silnimare decided to spend time aboard the pirate captain's vessel. They begin to see more in each other than the labels, and the night ends in Silnimare's home, the Coral Chateau. In the morning, Buddy is introduced to Silnimare's troops and crew, and Cyrus is invited to come along as well.

Bullet Points:
  • Silnimare makes right an old rivalry
  • She is faced with her impetuous nature, loss of direction, and need for purpose.
  • She learns to open up to someone else, and consider their advice.
  • She actually has a date.
  • She learns that it's okay to let one's guard down to be affectionate sometimes.
  • She and her son sign up, for the moment, aboard the crew of Buddy Holly's pirate ship.
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  • Buddy gets a badass new crewmate
  • Also Silnimare joins too, I guess

200 gold and 3 Prize Pool Tickets for each of us, please.
Edited by Buddy, Sat Jan 6, 2018 2:48 pm.
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Shop Ninja

Your Initiative has been accepted. Keep telling stories, mates!

Gold and tickets to your Ogi account, mate
Edited by Snellopy, Mon Jan 8, 2018 4:43 am.
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