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Sanity is in Short Supply. SST; DNR = Short Story
Topic Started: Sun Dec 3, 2017 4:08 am (552 Views)
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A Day Unlike Any Other.

The air was so quiet when he woke from a night of sleep- it was odd. He was flat on his back and his breathing was off- it had startled him in the middle of the night from the lack of oxygen he was pulling into his lungs, and when he inhaled the air was so cold that it stung. His body shivered and goosebumps began to form over his flesh, that was when he noticed something wrong. He choked, sputtered, and rolled over coughing violently trying to take in more air. His hand struck out against the dirt covered stone in the bottom of the den he had dug as his free hand grabbed at his horribly narrow throat. His palm struck a smooth structure without a looser hanging waddle to guard it. X’yros could see nothing but black. Everything was black. Being blind and unable to breath had thrown him into a panic so strong he hadn’t noticed anything odd besides that; struggling for life was his first priority. He sat back and grabbed both hands tightly around his neck, forced to pant through an open mouth- but the air was still cold. He was still shivering, and he still couldn’t breathe as deeply. After so long of this he felt light-headed enough that he collapsed backwards against the side of the wall. The ground felt unstable, as if it was rotating and pitching him around. He struck a hand out to grip the wall for support, but the wall wasn’t there to his right. He struck out his other hand, but the wall wasn’t to his left either. He only had what he was leaning back against. X’yros forced himself to calm down by shutting his eyelids tightly and repeating a word over in his mind. He held his head between his hands as he was almost about to rock before his fingertips struck something that made him bristle.

Shocked, he pulled his hands back instinctively and put them in front of his face as if he could see them if they were closer. Nothing but black. He shivered and slowly reached to his upper face to feel where he was going to cradle his head and again- hair. This time he kept his hands on his head. Digging his nails down he felt thick hair where his plates were supposed to be. He couldn’t feel his claws press into his skin no matter how hard he pushed with his hands. There was eventually a dull pain, but not what he was looking for. Instead, X’yros relaxed his grip and began to move his hands back through the hair. They quickly found themselves rounded and dropping onto his neck. With a gasp he pulled his hands free and jumped to his knees with sheer terror.

“A nightmare. A nightmare..”

His voice was unfamiliar, his tone was wavering and frightened. Using the wall behind him, X’yros pushed himself to his feet. He attempted a step forwards but immediately found his body unbalanced and tumbled to the ground. Not being able to see, he couldn’t judge the distance he’d have to collapse. His hands flung out in front of him anyways and came into hard contact with the ground. With a yelp of gasping pain he rolled onto his back, clutching his hands. The stone had sliced his skin like butter. They stung so fiercely that all he could do was clench his teeth. This time he decided to crawl instead. On hands and knees he blindly felt around in the dirt until he found the wall he had created with his strong claws. He followed it until the ground began to abruptly lead into an upwards slope. It wasn’t a long journey before his pained hands nervously felt a rough bark surface. He gave it a hard shove and it moved from the side to allow a crack of light to filter in. It was blinding compared to the darkness. He hadn’t startled himself out of his sleep in the night after all, it was mid-day.

Like a newborn emerging from its mothers’ womb, a dark figure of a man hauled himself from the dirt with grunts of pain, using his hand to block out the light that was now foreign to him. He pulled himself to a cold, unforgiving ground before daring to look at himself. He was afraid out of his mind. So many thoughts screamed through his head, his voice cried out in his mind to wake up but nothing happened. The pine needles crunched under his palms and pricked his wounds as he pushed himself to sit- but he couldn’t move. He was frozen. His eyes had found his hands a hazel mud color. Could he call them his? Did these hands really belong to him?

The nailbeds were light, there lacked a strong point at the end of a longer claw. Stubby fingers in a soft hand. Dropping into a partial sit, he felt the forest floor against his bare skin. Prickling and jagged. Something he’d never noticed before. The discomfort made him want to stand, but his failing attempt earlier couldn’t bring himself to do it. He had lifted those bizarre hands now and held them in front of him, turned them over to the lighter colored palm and looked as blood had formed around cuts in his palms. Scraping covered his hands from his fall, and the pain felt like someone had taken a rough rock and quickly ground it into his skin. His vision was screwed up from something blocking his view. He raised one of the hands to investigate and found a very narrow, firm shape. He squeezed it a bit and found he had been breathing through it. Flaring his nostrils, he felt them against the tips of his fingers. He followed from the bridge of his nose and traced to furry bits above his eyes, then to short stubby pieces of flesh attached at the top of his jaw- and from his jaw sharp stubble. That he traced down to his chin and finally, traced soft short lips.

A wave of nausea hit him like a ton of bricks.

“The hell is going on-”

Now his eyes glanced down to legs that he had seen before. The shape. The skin color matched the hands he had seen, the feet and the unnecessary amount of toes… He lowered fingers to feel the curled hairs on the lower base of the legs. Soft, yet wiry. He grimaced as he eyes very slowly followed the curve of these straighter legs to examine his nudity. Normally he wasn’t bothered. The males of his species could go without clothing for their genitals could be held safely behind their abdominal muscles but this- this was, not what he expecting. His eyes found this organ lacking. Now his mouth was dry like sand as he continued to look at the rest of this body he felt. His skin curled at his stomach from slouching, and he noticed the hair that ran through his abdomen and stopped after where his umbilical cord would have been detached- but other than that he only noticed more of a lighter version of this fur on the arms. He came to a screaming halt in his mind. X’yros was painfully aware of this body type.


Frightened, the man struck his hands to the ground behind him and he began to kick back with his heels, sending the forest litter scattered in his wake.

“I’m h-human. No-”

Now he twisted his upper torso around and practically clawed at the ground, shoving his foot up against his chest to spring to his legs. He had to clutch desperately onto the trunk of a tree to keep upright.


The volume of his voice had reached its maximum, and above this shaken man the canopy burst into life. Branches bounced and needles scattered around him from ravens taking off their perch in alarm as he released a loud cry of pain that echoed throughout the forest.
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