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[a] Epic Initiative: Wreckage
Topic Started: Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:26 pm (52 Views)
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featuring Branse and Wendall

“Do you think I’m a monster?”

This topic is complete at 4 pages and 54 posts.

It is a continuation of the previous Branse/Wendall plot lines.

Topic Summary

After dreaming of a world in which the two met when they were younger, Wendall returns to his family’s old farm. When he arrives, Branse has already been inside the burned down house, finding his way there because of the shared dream. While at first Wendall is angry—this isn’t a place that belongs to Branse, he has no right to be there, and furthermore this is the first time they’ve seen each other in person since the events of Norwood (“Again”)—he begins to let it go when Branse starts their reunion with an apology.

While investigating the house together, Wendall finds trinkets his parents collected in every nationstate where they had a successful kill. They find nothing else, but Wendall has a sneaking suspicion they have missed something. Outside, Branse reveals to Wendall just what he is—a sort of flesh-eating monster called a Hague, but he doesn’t know what it means. Right then and there Wendall almost gives up on their relationship, but determines, instead, that this is something he can help Branse with. He can help him figure out the marks on his arms. They’re Debonese—and after the events of Sky Burial, Wendall is familiar with the culture and creatures in that area.

Deciding to head toward Istan together, Branse and Wendall spend the night in Wendall’s ger but by morning things go wrong. After a massive nightmare due to his experiences in Sky Burial, Wendall is forced to tell Branse a lot of things he never wanted to, or, at least, that he wanted to find the right time to mention. From Soliyrn (“Sky Burial”) to meeting with Hearne (“Pity”) to his alter-ego compass, Wendall tells Branse everything.

But Branse defends Hearne, and Wendall can’t take it.

“Do you think I’m a monster?” asks Branse.
“Yes,” says Wendall.

And from there it’s the typical Brandy heartbreak—they realize when they’re around each other they can’t make it past twenty-four hours without destroying each other and wading through the wreckage they make of each other. Taking separate paths, Branse goes off to visit an old friend while Wendall goes home. He made a promise to Branse that he would investigate those markings. He always does what he says he will do.


200 gold, plus 3 prize pool tickets.

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Your Initiative has been accepted, mates. Keep telling stories!
Edited by Snellopy, Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:38 am.
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