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NEW FIGHT! Lights Out- The Mighty Vs.The Flighty- FIGHT STARTS TODAY! BE THERE[P]; ohboy
Topic Started: Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:34 pm (715 Views)
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A set of narrow nostrils silently dragged themselves only inches from a rust-colored stone wall as the snout pushed further along the dimly-lit halls to a large wooden door were streams of sunlight filtered through the cracks in the wood, lighting up the settling dust inside. A set of eyes lit amber when passing across the trickling light, the pupils narrowing to better take a peek of what went on the other side of those doors, stretching as far forwards as it could before the rattling of heavy chains prevented it from moving forwards any further. Just centimeters from the wood and apparent freedom. The sound of thousands of crying voices like a rustling of a plastic bag cheered on the other side with mounting excitement in continuous bursts. In front of the creature were walls, and walls of eye-witnesses to an event. Behind, the sound of softer feet pattering against the ground and the shuffle of light armor upon robes, and the exchange of hushed voices beyond the large iron bars that separated the beast from true freedom. Ahead was death, behind was life. If only for another day.

A large dark shadow turned, clanking the chains even more and alerting the guards to its very movements as it melted back further into the hall away from the commotion and light. Beneath the torches a darker gray hide tattered in silver scars moved with a shakier grace, alerting the men to move back from the iron bars as they walked past in the halls to make sure everything was in place. It felt like hours had passed by, and the creature had settled upon the ground in a pile by the very back of the cage to the best of its abilities. Just like every other beast did when brought forwards. Fearing the noise outside. Unfortunately, it was never the first time for these things. Especially for this certain individual. In any normal odds, it would be seen standing like a sentinel at the doors awaiting the moment for them to be pulled back to reveal an avid fighter. But due to the certain events that led to this, all the excitement and gusto in fighting was at an all-out loss. It was well aware of the unfair match that was to be held. Just a bloodbath for those watching in to enjoy with their disgusting sense of entertainment.

If he lived through this, he would certainly be reporting this gruesome sport to the tribe to further fuel the hatred for these certain humanoids. Quietly X’yros rose to his hind feet as he took note of the sudden onslaught of cheering intensifying. It made his nerves run hot enough to shake his frame with a shudder. The victor must of have just been introduced to the arena. He took note of a booming voice that raised the crowds joy and excitement. It was painful to listen to. The man that had been loosely holding onto his chains stuck an arm through the iron bars and patted the rough hide with firm slaps. The broad skull turned back to look at the man whose care he had been assigned to since his arrival, days ago. He only blinked at the touch before returning his eyes to the wooden door.

“Best luck to ya, beast.”

The man pulled on the chain a bit, and X’yros in his sitting position, leaned towards the crusted iron bars to allow the removal of the collar around his neck. Once freed the beast shook himself flinging dust about. The man stepped back and wrapped up the chains as a shout was commanded from one of the guards. Another shout from above, and finally the door shuttered as it was levered up into the ceiling. The light at the bottom of the door blindingly saturated the room as it increased intensity, revealing the darkness to the spectators. Immediately the crowd began to boo, having not even seen what was hidden in the depth. The noise was overwhelming in a similar tone, a sharp change from the excitement that was hidden earlier accompanied with hissing. This too, he was familiar with. Once the gate was completely up, it appeared he had no intention on moving until the man behind him struck the iron with the chains he held. It startled X’yros and he shuffled onto his fours. He released a low snort before trotting out like the beast everyone assumed him to be. When the sun struck his hide the negative shouts intensified and deafened him. The heat was absorbed by his dark skin and the sand swirled at his feet while he went. A few boulder-like stones here and there for some protection at least.

He had only gotten a few feet out of the gate before his blinded eyes noticed a familiar hulking form in the center of the arena. A shaky snort excited his nostrils once more and his feet turned his body to trot alongside the wall. His skull tilted upwards for a second as he thought he heard something familiar. Ah, there it was. A shadowy bird flitted across the blue sky. It was reassuring. He watched it land among the rest of the murder atop of a wall. They seemed to be watching as nervously as he walked. He shook his neck as his rippling muscles glided like waves beneath the thick skin as the monstrous bull trotted along with a horse-gait. Now his attention was back onto the hulking figure, waiting for him to speak. He expected it to anyways. To play the crowd along and raise the excitement again so their booing and hissing would turn to cheers. He expected to receive a lot of mood-lifting things after this mess, they must pay whoever fights against the flesh golem, even if they do lose. They doubt anyone to win, anyways. That must make fights incredibly boring here after a while, though… Nonetheless, This was going to be one bloody long day.

Time to see how much of a beating I can take, I guess.

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Consecutive battles reserved only for events. There was rarely a reason to keep the Colossus of Flesh out for longer than a fight, and even if there were multiple enemies they would be encouraged to face him one after another, but with the rise of golemancy and enkaidas there were new enemies coming to shake the flesh golem from its unbroken winning streak. They were all quite impressive, having some gimmick or incredible size to match them well against Effagee, but all that led to was a momentary distraction and adjustment before he inevitably defeated them like the rest.

The second-to-last fight was a golem, large and metallic, with mighty limbs and a sturdy stance on four legs. It was not slated to be the last battle, but when it came to the monsters of the arena, the beasts that would be challenged in the Gauntlet and become like mascots for the Taras Arena, cognizance was something to be avoided save for special cases like the resident flesh golem. When that opponent came out and lost, showcasing a mind between beast and man, questions would be quickly brought up that would bring things to a screeching halt.

Before then, the Laughing Berserker would not allow himself to be bothered by these other pitiful fights. They wanted to challenge his might, then they would be crushed beneath it.

The metal of the golem's hull screamed sharply as it caved in at the convincing of his mighty fist, a mere momentary stun for the arcane machine before the Big Meat Weapon came around to claim a leg from under it while it was unbalanced. It retreated only to land on three limbs, its balance momentarily lost as he charged in for another brutal strike. It was quick despite its size, but each missing limb would make it slower until it could no longer flee quickly from the monster it was set against. Somewhere within was an elemental quickly losing its mind as it tried to figure out why the body it possessed seemed so weak.

It was not weak, simply outmatched wholly. Every time somebody looked again, the Colossus of Flesh only seemed to be growing more dangerous, and though the process was usually slow, there appeared to be no signs of stopping.

By the time the fight was over, three of the golem's legs were gone. It was little more than a battle-capable torso trying to crawl its way away from the battle to preserve itself. Effagee obliged its desire to escape the fight with a swift and heavy kick, sending its reduced metal form careening across the arena towards one of the gates so that it could be collected and moved to one of the areas where they kept challengers before the fights.

Simple. Fun. Entertaining. Now Effagee had an actual job to do. The golem lifted his arms to the sky, one coated in the metal from a previous golem victory in the form of a manica, the other wielded his gruesome weapon, and the crowd did once again cheer for the undead beast. Oh, the eyes of the children in the audience were glorious, those who had been brought to see violence and power in a form they knew, the Colossus of Flesh being quite gentle and happy to meet with the youngest of the admirers of his power. He laughed a booming sound to the audience, letting them share in the joy he felt from fighting and soaking in their praise.

There, there they are. The first voice in the golem's head noted, taking his focus away from the crowd.

His birds. The second voice confirmed as the golem turned to fully fave them.

He was coming, and they knew it. The big toothy smile reduced itself to a sadistic grin upon the rotten face of the golem, a calm that was not so much expecting of a great battle as a memorable one. Once in a while true experienced came around, and though Effagee could not quite place hwy they were, he loved only that they were.

He turned to face the opening gate and that shadow that moved behind it, taking a few courtesy steps away from it across the dusty floor of the arena to allow his next competitor some room. As before, the audience knew their favorite, and so anything else was deserving of only jeers while that one was present.

"Same rule." Effagee bellowed after the lizard-like being stood in the light, making sure that his friend and foe could know it well, "Effagee enemy get first hit. Make it good!"

Once more the crowd roared in admiration for their monster, for the ever-present honor and kindness he showed to his enemies. He simply understood that if he always struck first, then far too many fights would be done in a single strike. He wanted the enemy to get a chance, to get that handicap for victory, and to show him what they were really capable of.
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Wait he wants me to… Hit him? Interesting.

The eyes narrowed from within the broader skull at the loud broadcast. X’yros never turned his face to acknowledge these words spoken from the rumbling golem as his body trotted along the length of the wall as some grumpy animal, on his fours. Eyes cast up the smooth structure that stretched much further than he could ever jump to examine its well built surface. Many pairs of claw marks had scraped at the wall as if creatures attempted to escape or get higher ground upon their opponents. None reached past a certain height. That left his eyes to continue to trace upwards. There he saw, standing along the edge of the wall, a guard with a crossbow. Probably there for any ill-intent.

The sun beat down upon his tilted face as he turned his path more towards the center of the arena in the direction of the waiting tower. He examined it with a swift glance. Metal shrapnel littered the area where his feet took him and reflected the blinding light, a few pieces still stuck in the golems skin. No turning back now. The beating of the Sang’Viis’ twin hearts began to increase their pace as his gate switched to a prowl. Their eyes met as his Shire-sized body turned. The amber eyes wide and alert; the color of a fiery sun meeting the hue of pale death. Those eyes parted as the beast himself circled his opponent, not quite acting like a humanoid. Not quite yet. The ravens understood every action their bull took. His only supporters in amongst the sea of people. They grew with excitement they were unable to contain, leaving them to abandon their higher-perch and drift across the clearing well above the pair to reach a closer seat, directly on the wall besides a now unnerved guard. They obviously irritated the guard that tried shaking his leg at them to leave and a few of the people that cast handfuls of food at them. Until the largest of the group arrived, the ones that only really mattered. They flew with shadows in their wings that left a trail in their wake which really made the guard quite uncomfortable. The giants forced the others away so they could get the best view. Their caws were loud enough to be detected by the giant, and it only made his adrenaline pump into his body.

The bull left a good distance between him and the other as he continued with his ring. All the while his eyes scanned over the body that he had already gained a slight hint of. He had tasted a bit of the power that the thing wielded. A bit of the speed. That’s all that really worried him. Most of his attention was directed towards the feet and the bulging flesh making up the calf muscle. Gradually his snout wrinkled in intervals, complimented with a low rumbling growl that became drawn out. His trot quickened to faster steps as he now crossed entirely the front of the golem and began to stretch his strides to reach the back. After a few seconds one full circle was crossed. He took a step in and began to slowly tighten the circle. The crowd fell silent. It made his actions almost eerie, and annoying. Time being wasted to some, to others it only intensified their anticipation until they sat on the edges of their seats while waiting for that first attack, guessing which would be taken first and how the flesh golem would reply.

Another circle completed, another step in. X’yros held his head low as his eyes focused on the pale eyes when he could. His muscles felt loose and worked. A simple switch in the gait, practiced from observing, it was unnoticeable. No warning given, and the beast released a ridiculous burst of speed in a slight shuffling of feet. A higher-pitched snarl and he darted forwards almost instantly reaching the heel of his opponent. A click of teeth was what could be heard throughout a sudden fly of dust rising from their position. X’yros switched his feet and force-stopped his bunched muscles to retreat back several lengths in two bounds. With such mass and height, he had the reaction speed of a tensed jackal. It was a feign bite. A mere few centimeters from coming into contact with the main pillars of this giant, colliding into air instead of decaying meat.

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Bestial. Stalking its prey. X was not used to this, clearly. The other things that he fought and killed must have been wild, desperate, and at least a little bit afraid, right up until he was captured. To be in a true arena, to be faced with a gladiatorial monster who delighted in battle like Effagee, before a grand audience that was caught between annoyance and anticipation. The Flesh Golem did not watch his opponent, but rather paid attention to the faces in the crowd, those who gauged his fights and who he sought to entertain.

Oh boy, what's he gonna do? Where's gonna stop and attack from? The first voice chimed excitedly, so used to enemies rushing down the superior force and leading to fights being over too quickly. There was never really enough time to enjoy the fight, just a few quick moves and everything was over.

Who cares, I'm getting bored. Wake me up with the lizard decides to actually do something. The second voice groaned along with some sounds like it was getting comfortable on a sofa, its attention lost to the fight. There was no point in wasting time, no real point in skulking around in such a big arena merely littered with parts from already failed challengers. It was just a time waster, and it was supposed to be the one that the golem and its voices were looking forward to.

The weapon that Effagee wielded just stayed silent, its eye tracing the skulking beast even while the Colossus was focused on the crowd he was to entertain, considering his options silently.

Only a few scattered gasps alerted Effagee that any action had been taken by his opponent, but not even the dull alerting sensation that he had taken any damage came to the flesh golem's mind. The dust around his feet scattered a bit, but then X was gone again, the predator taking experimental lunges at his enemy, an almost taunting gesture, but X'yros's enemy was no beast the flinched at sudden movement.

A few jeers followed that retreat, but those got cut short as the Colossus of Flesh turned to face the creature he had met not too long ago. From between the golem's teeth came a rumbling sound, stopped short by himself, carrying out silencing all other noises. It was a laugh, the infamous monstrous laugh of the Taras Arena's favorite monster, the sound that carried through all his sadistic delight, that sent chills running through the bones of the audience, that made them so happy that he showed no desire of turning that same glee against them.

"Hunter. Big and scary to small things. Maybe even scare other beasts not too bigger than X." Effagee rumbled when his laughter concluded, his guttural voice seeming to take amusement from the feint, but not much else, "But Effagee not. Effagee entertain people that come to arena. Hit Effagee, or Effagee break Pred-X!"

The golem punctuated his point by impaling the ground with his nightmarish weapon before throwing his arms out to either side, an inviting gesture despite the laugh. He hoped that perhaps the threat would get the one he just called Pred-X to move despite his soul-chilling laughter, that maybe he could find a good fight from this beast. If not, he would need to end it quickly and get on with his job.

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With a shake of charcoal skin the predator noted how his retreat successfully landed him a fair distance away from the turning golem, who just now took in the aspect that he had in-fact stirred the dust at his heels. His opponent had not been bluffing about allowing him to strike first. Not too much of a surprise, but as the male has learned, it was better safe than sorry. He quickly noted how there was a lack of response from Effagee, only that his frame tilted backwards and its expression contorted. X’yros narrowed his eyelids around his soul-piercing gaze. It was obvious that the beast was about to release a laugh, but the bull was not expecting one of such harnessed power. It caused his built frame to stiffen and his chin to tuck into his chest as the bellowing tone was deafening to the entire stadium, to the extent of hurting his ear-drums. Laughing? To rock himself out of the loud gurgling tone, X’yros tilted his skull and released a chortled snort with power behind it to stir the sands at his feet. It interrupted the end of the chilling laughter and allowed time for his feet to churn and unlock his shocked state. With a lowering arch of his neck, the Sang surged forwards and focused his mind onto working his muscles that had tightened again. It was obvious that in these lands, he was no longer the big bully on the block. He was easily outmatched by this tower of insanity.

The crowds eventually adjusted as the circles returned to the flesh golem. A few shifts in his gait and it took him around the golem once, twice, until he figured out what he had been doing before the laughter interrupted his thoughts. To keep the giant distracted, X’yros shuddered out his tone with enough depth to darken his features and entire being, overall.

“You were not bluffing, I wasn’t entirely sure if you were actually going to be true to your statement. But I am glad to see that you at least, stick to your word.”

His sentenced snapped shut as his gait switched like a striking lightning bolt. Similar to earlier, subtle to no cues of him charging in. Two strides took him around the goliath. From there, one tug of his bounding hind-leg muscles and he was propelled with all the speed and momentum he needed. His mind loved nothing more than working out precision in his attacks. Instead of diving in with his dash to nip at Effagees heel, his bound took him up. One, short simple leap. No sand flew, for his movement was so effortless that his parted jaws grazed past the bulging shoulder blade of his opponent, to the face-oh the face. Finally since he had been released from the gates, he had only hoped for this opportunity. And here, here this giant had simply given him this opportunity. The crowd could now see the full height of the opponent, straightened, only a few inches shorter than theirb eloved. Which meant that his little hop didn’t require much effort to move this hulk with the speed needed. But now back to the question, where did his bite intend to land? A glint of tusk-like fangs parted far, popping the joints in the beast's jaws as they snapped around the skull. He didn’t bother to add any more force than what he had initially put into this, he didn’t want to stick around for long. His bite force was reinforced with muscles that worked like a rubber band , not to keep the jaws open, but to keep them shut. Like a crocodilian. This initial snap shut had enough force to crunch and snap bones clean in half, but of course this creature’s build was going to be tough judging by the weight it had applied into tossing him about like a ragdoll earlier. He doubted it would do much damage to the head itself, that, he didn’t care about- it was the eyes. Those precious pearly white eyes he had pierced his gaze into so many times. The delicate eyes that would now have teeth drilling into them, assault from all directions. The eyes were his favorite parts of his battles, and kill. They were delicate soft eyes- not built of thick bone, or stone, or metal alone. This the ravens cheered for, they were all too aware that X’yros knew where he was putting those teeth. Precision to successfully striking vitals in his prey was his expertise. He would not have such a large murder of ravens following him if he had been unsuccessful at striking down monstrous things with one simple blow. Even if his jaws were not large enough to reach the entirety of the skull, at least one half could come completely mangled from this experience.

He only shuddered his skull with short blasts of movement before making a quick, confusing retreat instead of staying latched to maul away. Just like his entrance to this onslaught in the beginning he left with the speed he held in those quick-dashes earlier. His feet dug into the backs of Effagees kneecaps as he threw his own body backwards, not directly back, but a bit to the right. He didn’t want to risk getting caught in grabbing hands too quickly. A hand clutching a weapon would be too full to try and clock his speedy reflexes. He aimed to land a few bounds behind the flesh-golem, on both feet, to spring into the action needed for what hell was about to be opened up upon him.

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Boom, and there is the opening shot! The first voice exclaimed within the mind of the mighty undead, laughing excitedly at the beginning of events. It had taken time but paid off gloriously!

What? Huh? What did I miss? The second voice added with confusion, trying to gauge and figure out why everything had suddenly gone dark since it was last paying attention.

The eyes. To blind the foe, to take away one of the most relied-upon senses, leaving the enemy with little more than the rest which were usually supplementary for navigation. It was a tactical decision, one that even some beasts failed to go for, yet X'yros, after finally speaking before a live audience, had chosen that as his opener. There was no pain for the golem, just darkness and the sounds of people cheering and jeering-- mostly the latter, as the fight was beginning to kick off, a battle between organic monsters, and ones that seemed to have a clue what they were doing, no less.

"Good choice." Effagee rumbled, his stance barely tilted from the tackle of his opponent. The Colossus of Flesh stayed still where stood, chuckling slightly as he picked up his big meaty weapon and willed it silently to transform into a mighty spikes cestus upon his right hand. It made sounds of breaking and popping, grotesque churnings of flesh as it refitted its form around his hand and forearm, reducing his mobility but giving him a weapon to match those natural armaments wielded by his enemy. He outstetched his left hand, getting a good feel for his full-armed manica, reaching it towards the audience to his left so that they could get a good look at the eyes of the Iron Serpent, which seemed alive only because of the elemental energy contained within, "Nobody go at Effagee eyes. Less Effagee can do. Now, Effagee fight!"

The crowd went wild at the golem's declaration.

Despite not being able to see, Effagee turned to face Pred-X with the flayed eyes. The skull of the flesh golem was undamaged, but showing through his rent flesh while strips of corpse meat dangled from the wounds. Somehow, X'yros made him an even more gruesome sight, but despite that the undead still sported a big toothy grin.

Fast. Agile despite the size. Definitely a hunter, but one that relied on brute force, but not foolish enough to stick around after strikes. There was simply a problem with tearing himself away from strikes. Effagee was slow to start but harder to stop once he got going. The Colossus of Flesh began charging in the direction of X'yros, his footsteps thunderous and brutish, but intent. As he neared, he would swing his big meaty cestus towards his enemy and not stop his charge until he crashed into the wall of the arena.

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The soft sands almost seemed to lift up to meet the giant as he collided into the ground with a sort of unspoken grace. Hinds first, then a very small shove off of the ground and he was propelled forth for one good sported bound. He landed with a light huff and cast a glance around his shoulder back at his new opponent.

Not following, good.

X’yros shoved off of the ground on his hands and stood back to his height as he watched the weapon intently shift into something that wrapped around the flesh golem's arm. It wasn’t really an exciting thing to witness, but the humans seemed to love it. X’yros didn’t wait around for very long as an idea began to build inside of his ever churning thoughts. The churning sand led him to back a few large steps to make sure there was quite a comfortable distance for reaction between him and the heavier creature, as he had seen earlier, it didn’t take much for it to close the distance. But this range left him more than enough time to react. His eyes shifted over the sands as the flesh tower spoke, beginning to turn. Stones. A few boulders…

His attention returned as his edgy mind felt the rush of something coming towards him. X’yros waited until the last second to maneuver himself well out of the way. With quick feet the charcoal skin swiftly whirled out of the way of the spiked glove flying in his direction. Unfortunately, it could fight without eyes. With a huff, X’yros spun out and then dove to his fours as he heard the giant run into the wall. A loud, sickening crack and a few bouncing pieces of rubble striking the sands. The sound he detected as he loped a distance back told him the wall had cracked as well. X’yros came to a dead-halt and spun around to his hind legs again, facing the mountain with a face lacking any expression. He leaned forwards a bit, considering his next option and pinpoint to attack. With his bite force the skull was left unharmed, which meant those bones made up most a massive chunk of that dead-weight. Could he possibly break one of those bones? He was becoming unsure of his own strength… But maybe with assistance. Yet, if he hadn’t even been able to make the giant move faintly as using him as a bounce board, there was little hope. The boulders came into mind once more. He shook off the idea, and turned to accept the fact that it would be a beat-down. He’d be the one getting beat. If he could just endure for a good amount of time…

It was never good to pre-determine a loss in a fight, for the real fight is in the mind… but realism had to seep its way in some point or another.
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Ooh, charge and a miss. The first voice in the golem's head commentated as he hit the wall with a resounding crushing of stone.

Alright, get turned around and try again. The second voice in the gladiator's mind coached after the stone had finished falling to the sandy floor of the arena.

Well, Effagee had somewhat expected that. Faceplanting into the wall was neither something particularly new to him, nor exactly unpleasant. It definitely got some laughs from the crowd to see the big undead fail in such a way, but it was only temporary. Either his enemy would continue to keep distance and avoid direct conflict with the bigger, stronger, and more difficult opponent, or Pred-X would make dives with that superior control and speed that could be exploited. Without much in the ways of formal training or a real natural gimmick, X'yros was effectively a drake in the arena with a flesh golem.

Peeling his massive form away from the wall was a simple matter, as was turning to face his opponent for what it was worth while blinded. The muscles still had restrictions, snapping functions that were simply designed after basic humanoids. He needed to be front-facing to maximize damage and intimidation as his blind, mutilated face glared excitedly. Reckless charges would do no good here.

"Good dodge. Moving good." Effagee complimented as he took slow, methodical steps towards his enemy, "Big, mobile, not dumb. Effagee fight lots of things that try to out-strong Effagee. Effagee strongest!"

With that declaration, the golem conducted a more methodical charge, though his arms were swinging wildly towards the draconic foe as he neared, intent only on landing but not on any sort of proper form.
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“If you say so.” His voice brought forth a laugh, light-hearted.

The Sang’Vii watched the giant beginning to turn to his direction, but X’yros shifted his position and backed until he felt a barrier behind him. There wasn’t nearly as much distance apart from them this time but he had all calculated this quite precisely in his mind. He swung his skull around and rolled his shoulders on his hinds as the giant began to draw close to him with a few steps, then in a full-out charge. The sand spit up from its heals as it moved, but still the opponent stood like a cemented statue. He waited.

Not yet…

Another thundering foot slammed into the ground.

Just one more…

The arms swung about like a meat-chopper as it took yet another faster-charged footing.


Just another three steps and Effagee would be bearing down upon him, but he used that to his own advance. The ‘Kua twisted his lower torso as he did a half-step back and pushed himself into the air. Both of his feet landed about half-way up his own height upon the wall-barrier and he used it like a spring loaded board. X’yros shot off the wall with a light spin directly towards the flesh golem. But he landed short. His weight not factored in, he fell short of colliding into the golem’s own swinging arm and instead shot just underneath the elbow. It would be unlikely for him to get away with this unscathed, as he did feel just the slightest bite of the jagged weapon graze his shoulder. It wouldn’t be enough to slow his momentum. Instead X’yros went to meet the ground with a tucked-in head a few feet back from behind Effagee. He rolled upon his plates and completed the motion. His feet kicked out onto the sands and he carried the momentum to spring once again forwards in a light hop. He landed safely and out-of range behind the giant and spun around to face him.

What may of have seemed like a failed effort of attack- was his own twist. He had been standing in front of the gate that had released him earlier. He had watched the giant clash and destroy the wall. He was simply curious if the gate would hold just as well… Not like he couldn’t of have just batter-rammed it open. Just a consequence to the flesh golem to pay if he had acted similar to earlier. He eyes flickered down to his shoulder, not waiting to watch the giant collide. The gash was a bit deeper then it had felt. Though minor, it still- stun. However when he watched the liquids seeped out, the scrapes began to close. This boggled his mind and he took a step back. He blinked at it again- no he had been right- they were closing when he watched… He tore his eyes back to Effagee to see what it had done. Just a second of distraction, but that second could always be brutal.

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Ooh, charge and a miss! Announced the first voice in the flesh golem's head as the monstrosity's body went colliding into a section of wall that had clear give. No, this was not just give, it was a gate, an entry and exit, but it held, though clearly crumpled inwards, it would be too difficult for the lizard-like X to escape the fight through there just yet. Even if he did, the arena workers within were far more used to handling large beasts and monsters than the average guards were.

He would have definitely felt that one if it actually hit. Try again, big guy! The second voice in the gladiator's head encouraged the berserker as he pulled his body away from the damaged gate. There was a fight to get back to, people to entertain, and whole lot of fun yet to be had. He could hardly waste his time dealing with a wall and turned to face his opponent once mroe.

Bits of flesh and tissue, little meat orbs that let the golem see properly. Far simpler to reform than bone, the flesh golem's eyes were slowly repairing themselves, discarding tissue too far from the main body to bother with, reconnecting the bits that were there and reforming into the almost-spheres that eyes were. It would not be much longer before those mutilated eyes were functional again, but for now Effagee knew that he had to keep up with his way of navigating without seeing.

"Faster than Effagee! How long can X run?!" The gladiator called out, not-so-subtly boasting his own endurance as an undead. X'yros was a living being, and those tended to get tired after running for too long.

Without much time to actually answer the question, the golem was off after his opponent again, but now he was going to be sure to keep away from walls and gates. Whether or not X'yros actually belonged in the arena with the Colossus of Flesh, the flesh golem was going to be sure to selfishly keep his new plaything with him for as long as he could. Besides, X getting loose right now would just end up causing more trouble for him.
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With a steady gate the giant pushed himself back to the ground and focused on the opposing mass of swelling rotten meat that had created one deadened figure; a disgusting site to behold. The four-legged beast spat in the monster’s direction as it ran after him once more, though this time it was half-hearted. Irritation was beginning to bubble in his veins. It was a dangerous boil that sizzled so hot that as the golem neared those partially healing eyes could’ve picked up the rising of steam over his back. To control the temperature the large, heavy plates lifted over his spine like hackles rising on a dog. A low rumbling slew of curses spun through his jaws as it laughed at his hulking frame that rippled well out of the way once more in nothing more than a trot. X’yros didn’t give much effort to move out of the way. His predatory grace returned to his steps while sliding forwards and his amber eyes held a sort of radiance about them like the dance of flames.

His main companion could sense his discomfort building from its perch and it took off on gentle gliding wings. A deep crackled crow emitted from its beak while it glided around the pair locked in battle and settled upon the sands in the direction X’yros trotted. It was aware that his core temperature had become too hot for the large raven to settle upon, so instead it watched its darker leader with a steady blue gaze, hopping alongside him on the soft sand and emitting a few clicks in the back of its throat. With a thuggish sway in his step X’yros called out in response to the mock with a ripple of loathing in his tone.

“Days, and days.”

His breathing slowed and gained in depth until the sands were pushed aside by the action. The bird hopped up and glided alongside the trot it could no longer keep up with.

“I’m already tired of this childish game. I wish to leave.”

He could hear any movement behind him easily, which was why his back had turned to Effagee. Now his eyes glanced over the wounded wall. If he wasn’t going to be allowed out of this peacefully he was going to have to make everyone’s life miserable. He had played long enough, this was no longer interesting. Having been in actual battles that actually meant something, this was irritating.

“So- you fight for show while others fight for a their lives in the real world. This is a joke. This is just for the blood-craving humans to watch, for those that can’t fight. The pigs that would die in the real world? No, I won't participate. Again, I wish to leave. Forfeit, whatever you wish to call it."

X’yros had lifted his skull and examined the crowds, picking up his pace in his trot a bit to the outer ring of the middle before turning to circle Effagee again in a long stride with quite a large birth just in case he needed the extra distance to scramble for any reason. His eyes still focused on the larger crowds. If the raven sensed a twitch of movement from the flesh golem, it would quickly alert its companion to pick up the pace. It cackled after his sentence, finding amusement before the Drow language spewed from its mouth.

“Burn It! Burn It alive! Burn them all! Burn them alive! Eat the mothers! Eat the children! Burn the men!”

This chant was quickly echoed by the other ravens lining the wall, not loud enough to drown out the crowds, but there.
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Things were turning different quickly. The fun of fighting was draining quickly as the large lizard began to speak, circling bout and spouting many words before being followed by the gathered raven. The Flesh Golem barely seemed to understand the Imythessian Common Tongue, but the voices in his head were far more worldly.

Burn It! Burn It alive! Burn them all! Burn them alive! Translated the first voice, its tone somber and serious.

Eat the mothers! Eat the children! Burn the men! The second voice translated as well, seeming somewhat exhausted by the crowing.

Between the lizard and the ravens, Effagee felt not under attack, but as if something he cared about was under attack and could not properly defend itself. For many years, far longer than the golem's time on Imythess, he had been home to different arenas and their different rules. He fought golems much as himself, he fought warriors and wizards of all kind, but there was something particularly special about Taras, as if the others were so roguish as to shrug off any claims against their antics, but this one was comparatively pure.

From deep within his rotten stomach, rage boiled to a head before exploding from between his undead lips in a fierce roar, "QUIET!"

The sound shook the sand that lined the floor, it rumbled the stonework where the wall had given to his charge, it echoed from everything, and made everybody physically tremble as the flesh golem's uncharacteristic rage snapped to life.

"Arena is crucible, where strong fight to show strength and leave better! Strongest come to fight Gauntlet, to fight Effagee, to show how strong they are, and to show what monsters in world! Even those that lose to Effagee cheered for, because they fight!" Effagee roared, throwing his arms wide to either side, gesturing to the whole of the arena. This place had history, it had played host to many great battles, and it stood as a monument to the harsh realities which X referred to. It was here where the common people could come and be reminded of what lurked around every corner, what hid in the dark, and what thundered in the distance. In this arena, the excitement came from watching nightmares from a safe distance, to leave with the knowledge of safety that even if only half the combatants who came through the arena would protect the people, they would put forth their ultimate effort. For those who chose to fight in the arena, it was a place to truly come alive, to fight without any true restraint, to pit themselves against one another until a victor could truly be claimed and give weight to their bragging. It was here where the Colossus of Flesh, the undead testament to strength, Effagee, proved himself against a terrorist attack in protecting the very people of Taras who allowed him such a grand arena to have the bravest face him, "Fight in arena, not to die, not any more. Dying not allowed in arena, only living, only winning and losing! Here, people come to watch strongest, fastest, bravest, heroes, villains, and more, all come to fight, to prove them great! Here they enjoy watching fights and leave knowing champions still on Imythess! When they watch Effagee win, they know that Effagee strong, and Effagee fight for them, and Effagee will fight biggest and baddest and they not have to! Not everyone fights! Some make pies. Effagee fight! Warriors fight! Many fight so many more not have to fight! Real world has battle, but realer world has pies, and music, and dancing! Real world there so realer world stay safe, all good and bad!"

The meaty weapon on Effagee's right arm changed its form with the gruesome breaking once more as it reshaped into a mighty sword, his eyes, even still regenerating, turned from the ghostly white to a bloody red as he fixed his focus upon his enemy for the day, whom had just placed himself in an unfortunate position.

"X fight! X attack! X Defend! X talk! X not insult arena! Arena Effagee home!"

There was only about a second or two of pausing, but then the golem kicked off of the ground into a furious charge with his sword trailing behind him. Each step was heavy, each was quicker than he had moved before, and each one carried pure intention and wrath. There would be little more showboating, no more testing his enemy's capabilities, just getting in close and doing damage until he won. When he got within sword's reach of X'yros, Effagee would barely stop with each swing of his mighty weapon, following it up with a strike from his own body.

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Dank Music.

“There it is.”

The raven disappeared suddenly when the golem released fury as he boasted about his beloved arena, for some reason he did not understand why… It brought out a human curse and boiled his already higher-temperature blood.

“The bloody Hell are you raging on about your overgrown goon.”

A slip of saliva fell out of his jaws as his teeth began to bare at the raise of his sword. X’yros stood in a wave-like motion as he built up his strength along with his height while he once again stood bipedal. The blade along his spine had lifted and a brash amount of steam rolled out despite the sun’s noon-heat they stood in. His response to a roaring wall that suddenly whirled around and charged the longer distance apart from them in a few fair steps with ridiculous speed. Fortunately, he had been blessed with a taste of this speed earlier. He could predict it a bit. In Fact, he didn’t move out of the way. Something he could of have done as the Mountain came bearing down upon him to preserve his life alive. A part of him considered just remaining there. The roar the giant gave didn’t split him with the traumatizing fear-affect he knew so well, but it jumbled his mind slightly. He jumped too soon, but thankfully there was no way Effagee would be able to whirl his hulk around.

A large blade came baring down upon him and-


He was gone.

What remained in his place however to cause as a distraction- shot out a wave of spiny pike-like spikes to impale the dead flesh and it too lunged into Effaggee. It was a mass of shadows that replaced his beastly figure. Black, and then gone with a single swing or two from the sword. But X’yros was stil-

A powerful blast was striking the giants back.

There the Sang’vii stood for just a second, roughly five feet away as a bright torrent ripped from parted jaws only inches shorter than Effagee’s own skull. The twin glands in his mouth produced fire- but more than fire. It looked like he was retching a fluid liquid that turned black once coming into contact with a surface as the air cooled it- magma. Basaltic magma reaching 3.6k fahrenheit closest to his jaws erupted from the volcano that shuddered with a form of steam. As dramatic as it was, only a second of it blasted Effagee from the back as it swung through the shadow. The Mountain was already out of range as soon as his jaws clamped shut. It was his favorite weapon; it melted things and set them on fire at the same time. Giddy with anger, X’yros disappeared in a blink of an eye once again.

There was a loud bash against the dented gate that Effagee had slammed into earlier, the guards called out to one another rapidly in an alarming shout as they were suddenly under siege by something that had been in the center of the arena just moments earlier. The door shook and bolts fell from the top with one single slam. X’yros had bashed his skull downwards like a ram, using his head to batter down the door.

The steel frame supporting wood splintered and the guards became washed in a flood of light from the sun outside. He didn’t bother with the rest of the guards, ravens had swarmed the halls and were attempting to gouge out their eyes. Knowing the giant would be upon him quickly if the heat of the magma hadn’t slowed him down by some miracle, X’yros used up whatever he had left He had used his fire twice, but the first time was not nearly enough to drain him fully.

With a grunt he vanished before the guards and reappeared at the corner down the hall. Something like a whip of air cracked through the gate- no time to waste. He blinked around the corner, and there was a very long hall he knew was one turn before the gate- blinking he vanished before the corner- he was there near the gate. Light streamed through the crack from the guards that began to lift it shut- gone. Three, maybe four total flickers of his body and then no more like the twinkle of a star in the Taras arena.

He had spotted the vendors with vision twice that of a human, a vision he had used to beat the unbeatable out through the crack of light and thus, a way out.

Jurdanian breathed heavily on his back behind a pile of bushes near one of the meat vendors that had moved to see what everyone was screaming about. Thankful he was in one piece. Slippery, dodgy thing he was. That was nothing he was going to attempt again for as long as he lived. With a groan and a now raging headache, the dark man sat up in the greenery, and shakily got to his feet. He couldn’t tell if it was sheer exhaustion, or if his adrenaline was still high from his escape. Near escape… actually, near death experience. Screaming continued as those in the stands fled and flowed from the Colosseum and he looked around, making the decision to join them just in case the golem that was tearing out spotted him. Sucking in another deep breath he ran out of the stands and into the crowd that was just beginning to form. His eyes locked on a young child running by themselves and getting shouldered around by the mob. Diving in, the man scooped up the child with ease and tucked the girl in his arms while running out, only because this would help him to blend in even better. If there was question why he came from the stand- maybe it was because he had spotted his kid and scooped him up?

From behind him, the ravens reappeared just for extra measure. They stormed the exiting gates and dive-bombed the people in blasts of shadow to steal the jewelry, gold, anything shiny they could get. Guards fired arrows at them, arrows that phased through and hit nothing. It was most likely frustrating. A few of the ravens landed painful blows to people, knocking them down and leaving their fate to the crowd that trampled atop of them.

His feet hit the cobblestone in tune with the humans around him and the panicked wailing of the child looking back at the opening to the gates. Jurdan placed a hand on her back to try and calm her as they reached the outside of the arena grounds and to the walls of buildings in the city. Panting heavily and out of breath, the man slowed when the people split and placed the child upon the ground. He whirled around and leaned against the building, his hands on his legs as he heaved heavy breaths. The kid didn’t leave his side but instead clung to his garments with tears. Beat, beaten bad, he slid down the wall and sat eye-level with the child. People continued to stream past. He brought the child closer and hugged her, drinking in her smell. As exhausted as he was, a burn fell in the back of his throat. He wiped the tears away from her eyes and sighed once he had caught his breath.

“Nyla! Nyla!”

A panicked woman screamed at the top of her lungs at the first row of buildings, the child bawled in response, but neither would be able to possibly hear each other over the panic of the others, only X’yros could. He slowly picked himself up and lifted the child into his arms again, pushing his nose against her forehead and gently raising her hand to kiss it reassuringly. In response she placed her hand in her mouth as she continued to cry and look around.

The tall man basically shoved through the crowd, tripping people or slamming them down with a fist until he returned the child to the mother. She had a forming bruise on the side of her face and her eyes filled with fear and tears. A scream erupted as she saw her daughter and quickly snagged her from the man's arms, thanking him profusely and crying over her child. He took her face swiftly and planted a light kiss upon her lips as returning her cries above the noise of the crowd before disappearing back into the crowds in rough shape. He only made it about a block before completely collapsing in a heap in front of someone’s door like a stray dog flat on his face. He looked like he had taken a beating through the crowd.

[[BTW IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT'S UNFAIR,.... FIRST OF ALL.... I MEAN THERE ARE SOME THINGS I CAN CHANGE.... probably not tbh i just want this to be over with. no offense to you i just suck at fighting<3
"Hurgaluuuur you Cheaterrrrr!" *z-snap formation* c:
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Gone. Instantaneous, not a jump, dive, dodge, or anything of the sort, but there one moment and somewhere else the next. Not an illusion, a mirage, or a double, but the actual spell to blink away. What was left behind was a shadow of what he was, striking out against the flesh golem with dull shadowy lashes that were easy for the gladiator to ignore, but they did nothing to answer the wonder as to where the rude opponent went.

What did answer that curiosity of the Colossus of Flesh was the heat and sudden weight against his back followed shortly by the smell of something burning. Effagee spun his hulking frame about, carving the Big meat Sword through the air with the intention of rending something, the force from his strike distorting the very air that the weapon moved through. This time he was still there, getting in too close for the sword and catching on the crowd-favorite's arm for a moment before being gone again.

It was a rampant use of magic that would incite mana fatigue within a moment if it kept up, and if he had stayed, the golem would have found that moment and used it to crush him. Yet, as Effagee looked eagerly behind himself once more for his enemy, it was the sound of metal that alerted him to the presence of the beastly enemy.

He was at the gate, tearing at it to escape. Effagee had already clumsily charged against it when he was blind, weakening it, allowing the reptilian-like being an opening. The gladiator charged at the captured beast, but he was too cumbersome, too slow, too late as the gate was destroyed and X'yros was through, trailed by a swarm of darkly-feathered birds and the panicked, confused screams of the Arena's personal security as talons furiously swiped at them.

Effagee stopped at the gate filled with a roaring frustration, but rather than barrel through the tunnel after his prey, he put his impressive strength to use and stabbed in forward through the air with another distorting strike, using the absolute force of his mighty form to knock birds away from the people taken off-guard by the rush. The surviving birds took off before long, pouring through the tunnels towards the exit, and the pursuing berserker was hot on their tail feathers with barely a moment wasted making sure the people were fine save for some scratches.

By the time Effagee exited the arena through one of the service passages, it was too late. There were people screaming, fearfully running from the sudden outburst of what must have looked like to them to be some sort of bipedal drake. Unfortunately, that was all that even Effagee with his advantage of scale could see through the crowds. No towering forms, no puts in the sea of heads where such a mighty thing would be stalking through, just normal people as far as the eye could see. X'yros was gone, and Effagee was no tracker.

With an enraged roar worthy of the title of berserker, dripping with venom and fueled by an infernal fury, the flesh golem roared loud with words that would carry through the streets all the way to the other side of the arena, a noise so deep and booming that no amount of noise could drown it out, "COWARD LIZARD!"
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