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[a] Still Roaming [Epic Initiative Claim]
Topic Started: Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:01 pm (33 Views)
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Werever We May Roam

"Luck is my antithesis. The only reason I'm alive is because I'm too stubborn and tough to break when the world wants me to."

The topic reached 5 pages and 71 posts before being put on indefinite hiatus, but is slated to finish having hosted a couple major turning points in Logan's life, setting up for future potential plots, and all thanks to Mistalee's character, Kyla.


Logan, a pseudo-werewolf is looking into werewolf shrines to authenticate his existence. He meets Kyla, a catgirl who shows interest who decides to help him. After an incident with a portal gem, the two decide to get him to the Darkest Gloomwood wereshrine, and coincidentally just in time for the Twin Blood Moons, a rare lunar event where both both moons are in the shadow of Chaon at the same time. The topic is largely focused on emotion and fan service, as the two prove a powerful wombo combo against most threats they face with their abilities, knowledge, and tenacity.

Content Introduced:
  • Pseudo-wereism, a facsimile were existence that has the transformation, but none of the powers or drawbacks.
  • Were Shrines, especially the Darkest Gloomwood wereshrine
  • A new Darkest Gloomwood alfha were sheriff and his pack of True Weres
  • Twin Blood Moon ritual and its benefits
  • Blood Moons Guardian, a badass true were who obeys the will of Chaon's moons when it's time for the ritual

Goals Met
  • Logan meets Kyla, the first girl to ever show an interest in him
  • Logan and Kyla plan to effectively rewire a Werewolf Shrine to work in a specific way
  • Accidentally get teleported to Gloomwood when his portal stone overcharges
  • Kyla and Logan decide to go to the Darkest Gloomwood Were Shrine
  • Meet a Darkest Gloomwood sheriff and his deputies/posse along the way
  • Extra shenanigans and fan service
  • Meet Blood Moon Shrine Guardian, learning in the process that their timing is interesting
  • Logan makes a deal with the Ethereal to slip by the warring werewolf packs and gangs wanting a Blood Moon transformation

Goals On Pause
  • Kyla and Logan work together to snag him the Blood Moon transformation, along with some help from the Sheriff
  • Logan and Kyla escape
  • Fade to black as they share a room in a tavern.

Looking to claim the 3 GRP Tickets and 200 Gold on the Ogichi account here.

Also wondering if Mistalee could get the same on her main account for her wonderful contributions.
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Your Initiative has been accepted, mate. Keep telling stories!

Paid Mista on the Kyla account because I wasn't paying attention sorry, and I am about to go on excursion so I will probably forget to rejig it
Edited by Snellopy, Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:43 am.
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