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Gozur Islands
Topic Started: Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:08 pm (39 Views)
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Gozur Islands

"They're out there, somewhere, just waiting to be found. Everybody looks, but the Moonsea is a big place to look for such small islands."

Gozur islands are semi-artificial land masses made in simple shapes, named after their creator who an ogre sailor who was surprisingly adept with arcane construction. They are constructed with cyclical mana flows which allow them silent self-propulsion including flight. They are typically identified by their isolation in either the Moonsea or the sky, usually devoid of fauna while thriving in flora, and containing lakes with smaller islands in the center large enough for a moderately-sized home. These inner lakes and islands are extensively surrounded by arcane proximity traps that will trigger for each person. False ritual interfaces are set up on the central island in accordance to sixteen compas points, with only a single mark on one of the ritual interfaces to indicate direction. Wrong ritual sites will tend to kill the person attempting the ritual, usually in horrible and gruesome ways. Originally these were all bound to Gozur, but since his passing the islands are mostly lost and awaiting new owners. Upon new ownership, the traps will fade as the island becomes bound to its new owner.

Gozur - A maritime ogre renown for both his stubborn greed and surprising accomplishments, especially in creating floating islands that scattered across Chaon after his death. His islands became a legend, especially among sailors and in seaside towns and cities.

Proto-Gozur Islands - Islands Gozur either made or extended on through practiced geomancy and floramancy.

Fauxzer Islands - Islands made to replicate Gozur's design by description. These can usually be easily identified by their mana signatures upon closer inspection and sport elemental engine cores rather than mana cycling. While still impressive and expensive, they do not carry the same impact as being bound to a Gozur Island.
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