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Norwood Tusted Agent Sugestions
Topic Started: Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:14 pm (335 Views)
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Right now all Norwood has is a the resonence weapon material which is anti-magic and makes little sense for a faction that is fairly high magic. So going to put forth multiple ideas.


Aluar Deer: These specialy raised deer serve as mounts for the Norwood's elites. Special hreeding and training make them powerful mounts. They have the unique advantage of being able to almost ignore rough terrain of forested areas. IE heavy brush etc. These frightening mounts make terfying light or archer calvery near forested environments. However they are slightly weeker in open environments and are unable to wear medium or heavy barding.

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Aluar Archer Cavalry: These specialized units are trained in special archery styles that let them shoot suprising distances in wooded terain and while moving on their Aluar deer mounts. Being able to move fast these units are of course excelent souts. They will often employ hit and run tactics to tear an enemy apart from multiple directions. Though of course their specialized combat style is only effective in forested areas. This replaces Mounted Archers

Fadin: These elite Norwood snipers are famed throught the lands as some of the best archers out there. They are equipped with Whisper bows that allow them to change the direction of their arrows by moving where they aim their bow. They are experts at stealth and assassination as the whisper bow requires one not to move while guiding the arrow. Most will often apply a poison to their arrows. Each has light or medium armor and a backup melee weapon. You may have only one Fadin per rank in logistics. They count as two warriors.


Elves being more magical than magi-tech I thought they may go more with the figure head devlopment thus a few figure head items.

Dyad Figure Head: A figurehead carved in the shape of a Dryad that takes up one utility mount and is placed on the prow of a ship. The owner of the ship can animate the Dryad figurehead at will. While animated, it is sentient and can speak with the owner, either verbally or telepathically. It is capable of keeping watch as well, although its field of vision is limited to a ninety degree field directly in front of the ship. In ship-to-ship combat, the Dragon is capable of sending out two large vines as graples or bludgeons when at pint blanm range. If slain while animated, this figure head will be returned to its wooden form and must heal for the remainder of the current battle. If the wooden carving itself is destroyed, it must be repaired manually, which requires stopping at a port. No items that require a Dryad figurehead can be used while it is in its carved form or damaged. Each ship may only have one Figurehead utility mount.

Nature's Light Wings: Using a mixture of nature and air magic to create these unique wings. Vines spread out creating the wing bones and magic forms powerful wings of wind magic. They allow a ship in the air to be more maneuverable than one with a Flight Engine. However they run the risk of sending the vessel plummeting to sea if the wings are damaged. On top of this the air ship can land on trees in heavily forested areas. It uses magically grown vines to create make shift doc between multiple trees. Only boats with a Dryad figurehead can receive this item. Each pair of wings takes up a utility and weapon mount.

Dryad's Bark: The hull of the ship has been magical grown rather than carved. It often has bark and leaves covering the side. The material is lighter than avergr materials alowing a ship to be slight faster, but it also means the armor is a bit weaker than average. When the dryad Figurehead is acitve you can issue a command once per day and for three posts the ship will rapidly heal any minor damage and one moderate injury per post. This item takes up two utility mounts and each ship may only have one Covering utility mount.

Nature's Armanent: This addition allows the figured head to grow a flower which can charge up and fire a cone of thorns equivalent to light balistas. Up to one hundred feet away. The blast takes three posts to recharge. This weapon usually takes up a single weapon mount.

This weapon can also take up a heavy weapon slot. Its range is increased to twohundred feet and it us charged with light magic that explodes on impact or when reaching maximum range. This explosion does not damage, but can blind the enemy for a short time.
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