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Forest Meeting (p equis)
Topic Started: Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:13 pm (39 Views)
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Shirine prowled the forest in her tiger form. She was slightly larger than an averave tiger. Farmiel & Ninquemiel her two winter crag toger she had raised prowled with her. The three moved silently through the brush. Shirine had her shape shifting metal lamalar armor on, but had padded it a bit to help keep it quite. It was a little odd if someone saw her as an armored tigger, but her armor was colored to blend in a bit. Her company had been hired to patrol the this area. It was fairly close to the boarder of Noorwood and Balefire, but not near the most heavily contested zone. The two nation states were both close to war.

There had been a rise in bandits and raiding groups in the area so Shirine and her people had been hired as extra hands to patrol the border. Well really they were scatered over a large area of the border. Shirine had not seen anything all day, but she still moved carefully. It was then her ears perked up. She had caught a sound. It was near a less used forest path. She moved over her eyes peering through the brush to see what she could see. Her two pets stayed a bit further back in the brush. Shirine was good at stealth and it seemed unlikely she would be spotted instantly. She waited to see who came into view as the sounds of foot steps got closer.
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