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Topic Started: Mon Oct 9, 2017 10:31 am (71 Views)
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hi im new. Question: where do I start roleplaying?
can I have a 1on1 mentor please?
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Shop Slave

G'day mate, and welcome to Imythess! There's a few ways of picking up a RP partner. One is what you've done, saying you are new and looking for someone. You will likely have a bunch of people answering in the affirmative within a few days. Another option is trying to drum up a partner in the CBox, but that is ephemeral and depends on who is around. There's theRP related forum bit for hammering out partners and planning. You can also just dive in and make an open thread and hope people join, but that can be a bit of a wait unless you bang the drum and advertise it somewhere I previously mentioned.

I am always happy to answer stuff via PM or CBox, mate. I am a sluggard at posting though mate, so you probably don't want me as a partner
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Hi welcome and hope you enjoy your time here. I am an old member and I haven't always kept up with all of the newest stuff on the site, but I am always willing to start new RPs and willing help you out if needed. Feel free to PM me as well and I can probably point you in the right direction of things if you have questions. Though for any official questions/ rulings you probably want to ask a staff member.
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Hello thar :B There are plenty of people here that will gladly help you out!!
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