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I'm Here, Now What?; [p]Krent
Topic Started: Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:55 am (122 Views)
Ice Prince
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This was it.

It had to be it.

He'd traveled too far, been forced to talk to too many people, wandered through too many of the streets in this insane island surrounded by sky, perched nearly high enough to be comfortable, but too temperate still for his pale skin coated in a cloak and long, plain pants, too crowded with people, and too loud with their shouts, cajoling, singing, and talking.

On this quiet street, with the old bordering walls marred with fresh brick and mortar, a strange little house surrounded by a porch had to be the one the directions he sought led him. "I'm looking for a loud man. Old, dressed in purple, wears a braid."

They led him here. It had to be here. He'd spent his last coin days ago just to reach the island to search here.

"I'm here..." he managed to say, leaning on a dripping ice staff. It was too hot, he was too hungry, and his eyes were too tired for any of this. Why did he ever try to leave home at all?
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Krent steadied his breathing, he was in the backyard, his body filled to the brim with ki as he breathed in and out. He was interrupted from his meditation by the sound of barking. Krent walked from behind his home only to see Snowball growling at a familiar form. Krent grinned and whistled, "Snowball, down. He's a friend, no killing."

The worg growled and went back to his tree, laying down in the shade as he glared at the youngish looking man.

Krent smiled and waved him forward, "Come in Falki, I'll get some iced tea for us."

He left the door open for Falki to follow, going to the kitchen to prepare some tea, "How have you been my friend, are you well? I know I'm doing well, glad to see you off your mountain to, finally joining the outside world eh?"
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Ice Prince
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Falki kept his hood on his head. Despite the heat it trapped, it also blocked the eternally more intense sunlight from his skull. The next sound he heard after his steadying breath was that of a low, feral growl highlighted by angered howls and barks. He looked up, staring down the large white worg with frozen eyes.

"Either bite me or don't, beast," he muttered at it, matching its gaze. "I'm too tired to care."

The barking stopped, the beast didn't retreat, but the growls continued, the worg's hackles raising. Falki sighed and slumped, staring again at the ground. He'd go through too much crap. If he ended up dead by a warg on this....impossibility of a city, it would only be irony itself that killed him.

"Snowball, down. He's a friend, no killing," a voice cried out after whistling. The white worg backed off, but with a constant sideways look on the newcomer. Falki looked up at last at the familiar voice, worn rougher even more by the apparent years, but still as bright and commanding as that first day decades ago.

"You can make tea however you want," He said, finding the energy to rise again to his feet. "I will make it iced."

Krent's home was solid but simple, like the man itself. Falki dropped again at the table, ignoring the worg as it paced about. The room itself began to drop in temperature. Falki drew in and steadied his breath, however, before it became so cold either of them could see their breath. He relaxed, drawing back his hood, breathing in the shaded air.

"Ahhhh....So, Krent, how the hell was I supposed to believe you actually lived on a floating magic island? I never even heard of any such thing in the most ridiculous of bedtime tales."
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Krent shrugged as he prepared the tea, bringing it to his friend to ice, and as the room temperature dropped, the worg got restless outside, storming inside and laying down, rolling around on the ground as he stopped panting, instead he stayed still, sighing.

Krent rolled his eyes, "He's not used to the heat around here during the summer, despite living here for a few years... but he's a big arctic worg, likes the cold. As for my chosen living space... my wife wanted to live here. She always had this weird fantasy of living in the sky with many children, sixteen we had, sixteen beautiful, mostly strong, children."

He felt his age, he was getting tired more easily... every few months a step fewer. He shrugged his shoulders, "Also how could I not live on something so ridiculous? All of my houses are ridiculous, the one in the Hills of Mist has a boulder garden, a lake, and a small island in that lake. My mansion in the Cloud District is large enough for ten families to stay in, and this little slice of heaven holds my treasury. I mean this is me," He smiled, "Over the top is what I do."
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Ice Prince
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"Heh, you have me there," Falki conceded. His hand drifted toward the flopped Snowball, lounging like some old man's hunting dog in the chilled room around him, but stayed its movements before it went too far. The thing was a worg, no matter its domestic surroundings. Very likely, Krent only kept it because its murderous nature amused him. "Considering that I live in one of several ice palaces I've built over the years, I suppose I have no stones to throw."

He sipped his rather ice slushed tea, enjoying the chill and the savory, bitter taste, looked about Krent's neat, simple abode, and suddenly felt the emptiness within. What felt a few short years ago, Krent arrived in his home, broke his only attempt at sentries, broke his nose, and broke his solitude to fight a dragon. A fight not to wed the woman he loved, but to prepare for it. He'd won her hand, he fathered nearly a score of children with her....and none of them were here. A home that should be the abode of not only his loving wife but the over dozen children and who knew how many grandchildren of this wild man housed only Krent, a worg, and Falki. The realization of the missing sounds of life made the original stillness feel oppressive.

"Krent," he began, his thoughts leading to the conclusion he'd hold. "Do you ever...." He coughed.

"I mean, I've done practically nothing and I'm..." he gestured to himself, unchanged physically in the decades between now and their first meeting. Hell, between now and his self exile from home. "And you've lost so much and are...

"Do you ever hate me for it?"
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