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And the world did shake! [p]; Vyse - Luna
Topic Started: Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:57 am (503 Views)
Luna Moore
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The gate winked shut behind her, leaving her in misty gloom. Of course, the rolling banks of fog proved to be little barrier to her eyes - she was, after all, in tune with the weather, or at least the currents of magic that controlled the weather. Among other things.

This was not a place she came to often. In truth, she did not frequent the material plane of this particular archipelago very often anymore. Even her home was not really a part of Chaon, more a vacuole tenuously attached to this realm and easily moved to others as was needed. She lived a life of relative isolation, the primary focus of her life nothing but bitter vengeance, streaked through with regret.

It was why, even as alien as this place was, as damp as the air and filled with the scent of loamy earth, she took a deep breath and savored the taste of a place she knew, in general terms, far better than the places she had been.

Holding out a hand, a staff materialized within her grasp, and she began to walk. The staff itself was carved all over in climbing roses, with a blossom for the knob at the top. She wore a flowing dress of fine linen, dyed pale blue and trimmed with gold and scarlet at the hems and embroidered with arcane runes across the breast. It was a fine piece of clothing, but mundane - she had little need of protection from armor these days. Her dark eyes rested in a fine, narrow face that was youthful in appearance. Everything except for her eyes, which seemed haunted and far too old for such a youthful body, ringed in dark, deeply red hair as they were. That hair fell in waves down her back, unrestrained and unruffled as the air here held not so much as a trace of a breeze.

Why do I come here? It was a question she had asked herself many times. She had not been to see this old man in quite some time, not isnce he had offered her a room in his home and his tutelage that was now, alas, worthless to her. Her flesh had been broken such that any training he had given her had lost most of its force. Oh, she still had the skill, she just didn't have the strength of the stamina to fight as he had taught her. No, she had other talents.

A whole mountain of things to invoke night-terrors in her enemies, if her enemies had been anything other than immortal demigods that considered her little more than a nuisance, a fly to be batted aside. And she wasn't sure that they were right or wrong.

And that was the thing, wasn't it? She had never been truly tested. Oh, there had been fights...but when the stakes were victory or endless undeath, caught without flesh between worlds to wander for all of eternity... Well, it was best not to risk it.

Unfortunately, it always left the question of just what she was capable of. The titanic increase in her own abilities since achieving Ascendancy were...terrifying to say the very least. No single person should have so much power, a voice whispered in the back of her head. She studiously ignored it as she always did - that other had no place in her flesh, and she would not - could not! - allow it to gain a fingers breadth of influence on her. She was not mad. She was not!

There were too few people she thought trustworthy enough to test herself against without it becoming a true test of life and death. And maybe not even Master Almen could be trusted to take it as an exercise, a testing of limits. But there was no one else and, despite herself, she trusted the ancient warrior a great deal more than she trusted most anyone else. On a level, as it was, with Keelin and Li...well, not her. Not any longer.

In the mists, the hills dropped down into a low valley with a lake in it. It was not a very large lake, perhaps a few hundred surface acres of water, but it was wooded around its edges, spanned by a wooden bridge that had the look of being repaired multiple times. And, as she approached that wooden span crossed the narrowest point of the impounded waters, she could see all the training implements she had been familiar with when the old Master had his home in Cascadia, before everything went sour there. Broken stones and boulders the size of sheds, shattered practice blades, spears, and shields as well as skewered and broken dummies that had seen the fury of Krent Almen and been found lacking in the requisite resilience to withstand his awesome skill.

This is a mistake. That voice again. Easily ignored, unimportant.

She approached the house at the back of the practice yard, suddenly diffident and unsure as to whether she should even be here.
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Krent sat in his... well, it was supposed to be a Rock Garden for meditation purposes, but it had long since become a stone and boulder garden. He had the designs arranged around two boulders with what looked like swirling masses of stones, like two whirlpools meeting, it was symbolic of the constant struggle of his old body and the massive amount of Ki that he could call upon, the two did not mix, if he overtaxed his body on Ki he would begin to break down... ah, how he wished for the power of youth, a youth he could only regain for five minutes.

He felt a disturbance in the air, a place so filled with Ki was suddenly overwhelmed by a presence of pure mana. Most that felt such a thing would feel threatened, it was a monstrous presence, displacing Ki as if it was nonexistent. He knew it though, this tense feeling, this power. He kept his eyes closed, he did not turn back towards the presence, he simply smiled as he said, "It has been a long time Luna. I am happy to feel your presence again."

He stood up and back flipped off the rock, twisting in mid-air as he opened his eyes, seeing his ex-student for the first time in so long. He landed with his hands behind his back, but quickly spread them out as he went to hug Luna, "You need to visit more. I'm not getting any younger and any time I see my family gives these old bones a bit more life." He called all of his students, and ex-students, family. Luna was a granddaughter, same with Rin, Kerr and Kalim, grandsons, his precious family.

He let her go and looked her up and down, she looked fine, but her presence was powerful. He nodded, "You've grown stronger. Your very presence drives weaker Ki away, impressive, I am proud that you have become so strong. You might even give the young me a run for his money."

He looked over her shoulder and sighed, "Ah... to be young and strong again. To punch dragons to death, to punch my way through a mountain to save cave-in victims. To slay leviathans by punching and destroying the islands they hide under. I miss being able to do all of those things."

He snapped out of his reminiscing, "Ah, you're not here to hear some old man ramble, would you like something to eat? Maybe some tea?"
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Luna Moore
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She cocked a head to one side, and offered him a shy smile. She did not often interact with people these days; indeed, the request for her to drop in more often was difficult to comply with. I am not often on Chaon these days, Ma....Krent. she replied quietly. She was far more often in completely different planar archipelagoes, infinitely far away while being close enough to brush with a thought.

The embrace was warm, but the woman was uncertain how to respond. Touch from others was unsettling to her, anymore at least. She bore it with good humor, keeping all of the idle thoughts and madness at bay. She bore his regard somewhat better; she doubted that Master Almen could see all of the changes within her. Most of them were buried deep, most especially the scars on her mind and spirit. Outwardly, she did look healthy, but she had not really felt so in a year or two, especially since that bastard had laid his fingers on her.

She did not flaunt this power to him, though. The residual level was enough, and less exhausting than a full unveiling uld be. She simply nodded in response to his statements. Stronger, yes, and weaker, she said with a crooked smile. She did not like admitting weakness of any kind, but there was virtually no threat from Krent. Master Almen had helped her through some difficult times, and if he had meant ot cause harm he could have done it then. There is no reason to be suspicious... Words, in her head that were either not her own, or too unsettling to contemplate overlong on. I can no longer perform any of the feats you taught me All I have left is sorcery, pure and unmitigated.

She nodded as graciously as she could, sweeping in behind the old man as he made his way. Actually, she began, and then bit her lower lip. It seemed so foolish now that she thought about it...but she did have to know. Actually, it is about what I can do, that I have come. I could think of no one else I could trust and...and... She shook her head, long ruddy hair flying as she did so. I need to know what I can do. I know what I think I can do, but...

She took a deep breath, and stopped where she was. ...but my enemies are very powerful, Master. Very. I do not know if even you in your younger years could face some of them. I do not need to beat them, I just need to be able to survive. I need to know what I can do! she said the last in a rasping voice, and then blinked, pale flesh turning scarlet out of embarrassment. I mean...I...I don't know what I mean, she stammared.
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Krent nodded, "You want to go all out but you're afraid of killing your sparring partner or your sparring partner instead trying to kill you to save themselves out of fear. You know I can turn into my younger form for a few minutes and that in my younger form I use such grand physical might that it might as well be called Magic as you've probably never met anyone else that can manipulate the amount of Ki that I can. As Ki and Magic fight likes cats and dogs I will be naturally more resistant to your magical attacks."

He reached into his jacket and took out the dried gourd, "A magic potion to return my youth... without using any Ki it takes five minutes to wear off, but when I use Ki the time shortens as my body begins to unravel the magic around me. You want to fight with your full power, I know that feeling, I've also wanted to fight with my full strength in my youthful form, a few minutes is all I can give, but in that few minutes we can make the earth shake."

With that said he uncorked the bottle, "Consider this a graduation lesson. Your graduation from a powerful mage to a real force of nature. Shall we bid common sense goodbye and begin a real fight? I promise I can take everything you dish out and return with my own power."
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Luna Moore
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...graduation? she whispered. Oh, Krent...if only you knew. A force of nature? But she knew. She knew. She was something else, something unspeakable. The focus of the storm, and all around her destruction on unspeakable scales.

I hope your younger self can handle this, Master Almen. I have...changed...recently. Not all of those changes are good. Most of them are awful. You should learn to restrain yourself! Luna ignored the voice in the back of her head as she always did, gripping the staff in her hands tightly. It did not belong, and was not hers. Some sapient ghost inhabiting her flesh? Or perhaps the ghostly voice of an ancestor - Luna was uncertain, and didn't care. It spoke of restraint, of many things that ran counter to what the girl herself did. It was madness, incipient and unwelcome.

So let us make the earth shake, and may the forgotten gods forgive us for the destruction to be wrought. Even as she spoke, the sky above began to darken, inky clouds boiling out of a clear sky. Lightning flickered within, casting odd flashes within the towering column of the storm. The wind began to pick up, and a few heavy drops of rain fell. Power swirled around Luna, suddenly. It was...well, it was visible, a shimmering curtain of virulent sorcery with an oddly purple-green aura to it. It swirled around Luna, making odd shapes - insidious shapes, horrors. Nightmares. In fact, the very presence of this young woman was enough to strike fear into the hearts of those who faced her, at least at first.

She opened herself to the Source, a realm filled to the brim with chaos. With Chaos, the raw material of all creation, unformed and without order. It was sweet to her, like a fine win - heady, intoxicating, it brought the world into sharper focus, filled her flesh with a febrile sensation. Her eyes gleamed as she regarded Krent Almen, the Trueblade, from a distance of many paces.

Power, thundering through her blood. Filling her mind with light and life. It was impossible to think with that intense, nearly sexual charge thrilling through her body, but somehow she managed. She managed.

Weaving an intricate pattern, Luna created a ward that settled over her flesh, forming a barrier about her person against this dangerous old man and his undoubtedly physical attacks. The simple act of casting was enough to have reverberating effects on the world around her; such a torrent of magic, drawn from a distant plane, stretched the fabric of the material plane near to breaking. Shimmering flashes of light suddenly rippled, here and there, exuding a strange sensation. Especially to those who would use magic or magical abilities. She was tearing the world apart by her mere presence, now.

Wreathed in flickering power, Luna did not make the first move, instead bowing her head fractionally to the old man turned young before her. She was acceding the first strike. Was it arrogance?

Maybe it was. But it was still terrifying, as was she.

Abilities Used:
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OOC - Apologies that it took me so long.

Krent watched as she summoned her power, it was... terrifying. He felt himself break out into a cold sweat, his mind was boggled... then... he grinned. He pulled out the dried gourd from inside his gi, drinking it's contents. Krent spoke as his body slowly transformed, the extra muscle he had put on to stay strong disappeared, "Just as Magic and Ki are opposites, there are also two different ways that do not mix while using Ki, Sei and Dou. Sei is the calm, Dou is anger, I am of a rare breed of martial artist, I can use one or the other, but I prefer Sei."

His mind banished the thoughts of dread, the cowardly intentions that plagued his mind disappeared. His body was young, his mind focused, unlike Luna's power that seemed to warp everything around her, Krent's own aura was like a thin mist clinging to his skin. His old gray hair turned black, his braid now reached down to his waist, and his body was in a different dimension entirely, no extra fat, no extra muscle, a perfect battle ready body. Krent grinned as he roared out, a primal thing, but it had no rage behind it, it was more like he just wanted to show the power of his lungs, but the winds that had been blowing so strong a moment before were destroyed for the moments that Krent roared.

He dug in his toes and gathered the new energy that flowed through him, he rushed her, his fist covered in ki thick enough to be seen by the naked eye, he roared out, "First Strike, Baustarufu." It was an old attack, he had used it in previous years to blow open heavy guard and inflict wounds through armor as he released Ki from his fist even before hitting, creating a stronger shockwave than he could in his old age.

Fight stuff
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Luna Moore
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She was not in the slightest surprised that her mere presence did not overawe this man, this primordial force of nature who had attempted to train her in martial arts. He had more or less succeeded, after all. It was just that life had taken a different path, one that had obliterated any hope of standing toe to toe and fighting it outnwith anyone at all. She had no chance against Krent and his ki, at least if it were comparing apples to apples.

It was not, however.

She stood her ground as young Krent rushed her. He was fast, so much faster than she if she were required to rely on physical ability. She could feel the raw power he wielded, feel it in her bones...and yet, either out of arrogance or cool confidence, remained unshaken. His roar spoke of defiance, of mastery, of revelry in a power he seldom had a chance to use. A single fist, sheathed in ki , swung forward, carrying with it so much power...

Luna casually threw a hand up, and the swirling power around her... coalesces, even as he struck. She felt it, even behind a barrier of alien power, power not of Chaon. He struck, and a flash of brilliant light, nearly blinding, erupted from the barrier he struck. Her feet ground backward a foot, kicking up dust...but nowhere near as much as the blow itself. Chips of stone, dirt, and grass burst from the ground, breathing her in an obscuring cloud of debris, none of which touched her. Thunder growled, heavy drops of rain cutting through the dust.

She did not wait for him to make the next move. She drew on that primal force of, nearly groaning from the sweetness, painful as it could also be. She poured a great deal of strength into the flows, crafting elements from pure chaos, weaving shimmering threads - to her eyes, at least - into a delicate pattern. It took little more than though, and as much time to craft as thinking it. That out thrust hand served as a focus, even if what came, howling winds, came from behind her. Powerful, cutting through the cloud of dust like a hot knife, blowing the slowly increasing rain so hard it did not hit the ground in the line of that magically wrought wind. Even as she crafted the powerful spell, Chaon itself groaned from the strain. The world...rippled, and tiny tears between Chaon and whatever lay in the spaces between suddenly opened. Added to the manifestation of her Effusion, it made the aura surrounding her more terrifying, and ever more widely spread.

Feeling the strain of that single spell despite her overflowing reserves of mana, she swiftly wove another spell: a barrier against any physical interaction that may or may not manage to get through. And then she drew more deeply, until she could draw not a drop more.

Insanity, continued
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Krent's fist hit some invisible force... but that force could not take his strike, but a blinding light burst forth from it, sending Krent back with a concussive blast, he barely had time to bring his arms up to cover his face, but his gi was now tattered. He brought his arms down only for a blast of wind to strike him dead on, the rain mixed in with it made it feel like sling stones were pounding into his form, the wind carried him off his feet, sending him right into his boulder garden. He collided with the boulder with great force, one of the larger stones stopped him from flying farther away. Krent used that moment to slide around the boulder and hold it in place, using it as a shield, but even then his feet were slipping back. Pain wracked his form, it felt like he was fighting not just Luna, but several archmages, all working in perfect unison.

He knew now that using Sei was not the answer, Sei would increase his defensive power and precision, what he needed right now was raw power. Krent roared again, the blue ki around his body disappeared, instead a sinister red aura surrounded him, his muscle mass increased ever so slightly, and now he dug in his feet... and ran forward, using the boulder as a shield.

After a few moments of running forward, he let go of the boulder and struck it with both of his palms, sending it straight at Luna, a diversionary tactic, basic, but good enough. Krent braced himself and jumped, his tattered shirt falling off as he brought the red ki into his fist, he roared out as he fell to the ground, "This is Dou Ki! My rage! Island Destruction Fist!" Once he landed, his fist would contact the ground, sending out a massive shockwave and warping the battlefield, sending up pillars of earth around a newly formed crater. He didn't know why, but he felt new power... something else, something he had only thought of, but never tried. He grinned, "Thank you Luna, for once in a long, long time, I think I am finally growing again. Even this old dog can learn some new tricks."

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Luna Moore
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Increasingly, she found herself floating within an emptiness inside, something that could process everything that was happening - and at such speed! - without the distraction of lesser things. Like emotion. Luna was not usually given to emotional bursts in any case, and when she did succumb to such it was usually anger. Searing, white-hot rage.

But now she was as cold as ice.

Krent was a force of nature. Luna was not sure that she herself was a match for it - not in the depths of her ravaged soul, at least. The confidence displayed before was all well and good; she had stood up to beasts that were far beyond anything Chaon had ever thrown into her path, and walked away. Sometimes barely, but always alive in the end.

Krent stood his ground, and then advanced. It was something new, different from his first assault, but she was not diverted by the diversionary attack. She would not waste her protective abilities to defelct from such attacks and, truth to tell, would hoard those abilities as best she could. No, there were other ways.

She made a simple gesture, although the real magic was happening before, a simplistic pattern that was easily created in a flash. Empowered, the burst of wind was enough to slam the boulder off to one side, the stone catching and tearing at the edge of her dress, tearing it from her shoulder. Too close. Of course, that was nothing compared to the attack coming at her. A grimace, and lightning stabbed down from the skies, a blinding blue-white flash. When it vanished, Luna was gone, a mere moment ahead of Krent's devastating blow.

The lioghtning deposited her in the clouds overhead, and, before Krent could do much more than speak, she vanished again, reappearing in a swirl of dress amidst the dust and detritus littered field of combat. She coldly considered whether she could have deflected that, and realized that she could have. At terrible cost to herself, of course. Already she could feel a throb in the back of her head, the strain of such power being wielded so swiftly. She was far from done, of course. The swirling power that enveloped her fed her, buffered her from the ill effects of reaching out to an alien realm, sheltered her from death by tapping that which was anathema to all life.

She tilted her head in recognition to Krent, of his mastery of flesh. Luna's mastery was not of flesh. It was time to prove the distinction. She quickly wove a shield in front of her, and concentrated on the area Krent occupied. Her face was an emotionless mask as she drew upon a power that should never have been tapped.

Figuring that he would rush her, the destruction was led ahead of him. Reaching into the aether of the world, she took hold of an area roughly fifteen feet in diameter...

And then destroyed every inanimate object within it, a concussive blast that left a hollowed pit in the ground, nothing but raw arcana, chaotic in nature, washing over everything within range.

Insanity, still continued
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Krent watched as odd power filled the area, he called his Sei Ki to his skin, forcing the Dou Ki into his body, shielding himself as the power washed over the area, causing the grass and earth around him to explode. The sei ki took a large amount of damage, but it persisted through the explosion. He held his arms up to block the explosion from taking his mustache, but even his ki was not enough to stop all of the damage, new wounds covered his body, his pants were more like shorts now, and he felt multiple bone fractures. He took a step forward and spat out a glob of blood, "Sei Ki Defense didn't save me from all of that... I'm impressed Luna." He felt a stab of pain shoot through his head, he growled and shook his head, using Ki abilities was hurting him now.

He stepped forward again, "That thing you did in the beginning, the thing that made me afraid, is this how you did it?" He felt his power wash over the area, Ki fighting magic, warping the air even more so.

Krent stepped forward again, "You are the best student I've ever had Luna, a good teachers only teaches and a good student only learns, but the best students and best teachers end up helping each other grow. You have helped me grow."

Krent raised a fist, throwing it almost casually, the punch ripped through the air as he said, "Baustarufu." The shockwave punch would travel to Luna as he rushed in behind it, raising his left fist, the skin on it was gone, leaving a streak of blood on his fist, he sent it into the ground again after closing the distance a bit, "Island Destruction Fist." This time he felt his bones crack. The explosion was smaller, but he jumped at her again, "Third Strike, Quivering Palm." A palm strike at her stomach, packed with Ki, it was meant to be inserted into the enemy, the Ki would likely get overwhelmed by the magic inside her, but for a few seconds it would be one hell of a shock to her system.

A Force to be Reckoned With
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Luna Moore
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She did not reply to Krent when he spoke. She was concentrting on the war within, the one between primal forces that would tear her to pieces if she faltered for just a moment, submitted just a hair. It was the ultimate culmination of pain and pleasure, entwined about each other so that there was no difference between the two.

You haven't seen all of my, Master. Only a fraction. Can I survive what is to come, though? A distant question, floating somewhere in the back of her mind. She was aware of everything around her, even as engrossed as she was in walking the razor's edge. His own iteration of an affect she had on others washed over her with nary a sign that she felt anything at all.

And the Almen moved.

The force that slammed into her was expected, and she took it and - like a willow in a strong wind - bent with it, coming completely off her feet and rolling across the stony, broken ground in a controlled manner. She took scrapes and cuts from that, of course, but as soon as she had enough control, she was back on her feet smoothly, eyes blazing with emotion now. Rage, truth to be told. Krent's next attack, well...

Power swirled around her. It was virulent, wild, and above all dangerous. Eyes blazing, she threw a hand up before her, and the swirling, argent halo of power thickened, putting itself between her and the old Master once again. There was a tremendous concussive force, a brilliant flash of blue-white light. She felt her feet slide backwards on the gritty ground a pace or so, but the ground around her - beyond her protection - shattered and broke in clouds of dust and grit, billowing back from the blow. She had barely had a chance to set herself when his next blow struck, and she felt the pain of it. Distantly.

But whatever harm Krent managed to do, it paled in comparison to what she was doing to herself already.

There is but one outcome, she whispered hoarsely, although it was clear enough for Krent to her. She had skidded back another step, near the edge of a precipice created by his last attack. A second, or two had passed since then. Even as she spoke, the power she was drawing surged. It surged mightily. ...obliteration...

Threads of unaligned mana slammed into place with a rapidity that bordered on reckless. Even as she did that, knowing the proximity of her former master, she unleashed a huge amount of power in a single volley. The air around her became wind, wind that howled so much it began to breaks stones around her, sending pebbles flying outward as if they were grains of sand. Even the bigger stones were flung away almost casually. She could feel a deep, tearing pain in her body, in her chest, buit pushed on even as blood spurted from her mouth.

Drawing deeper. And deeper. She felt practically aflame, as if her flesh should peel and blacken and drift away in that sudden burst of wind, already fading as threads of glowing mana stretched skyward, extending beyond the tempest she had summoned. Into the realm beyond the world.

Searching. Searching. Summoning. She poured everything she could into it, staggered and nearly fell as a wave of weakness rolled through her. The swirling power around her weakened for a moment, wavering on the edge of collapsing....and then firmed.

I have learned other things, she said, gasping, a fine mist of blood wafting to the air after a quick, choking cough. It gave the humroless grin she offered him afterwards and haunting cast, teeth stained pink.

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His strike blocked again, but he had hit her with the Quivering Palm, only for a wall of wind to hit him, the concussive force hit his chest, the strength of the winds tearing through skin, leaving lines of blood crisscrossing his body. He roared in pain as the winds ripped through him, leaving blood dripping from his body, his wounds were serious, moving in general was a pain, but he felt something else coming, instinct told him despite both of the people being so injured, there was something more coming, his ragged breath could barely keep up.

He grunted, "Fourth strike." He swung it into the air, bringing the fist around in a sharp uppercut, "Swallow Fist." He was to far to hit Luna, but instead he was using the attacks to gather mana.

"Fifth Strike, Blind Monk." Both fists struck the air, he grunted in pain, the ki building in his body, gathering for the eighth strike, "Sixth Strike, Gatling Punch." His fists became blurs, his wounds opening even more, he shouted in pain but kept up the stream of punches into the air, saturating the air around him with Ki.

He looked to Luna, "Whatever spell you are preparing, your ultimate magic, bring it on, I will crush it with the Eighth Strike." He felt the Ki in his arms building, he knew he only had two punches left to throw, it would be the first time he would complete the Eight Extreme Fists, and he would do so even if it meant sacrificing his arms.

Fight Stuff
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