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1. Our Item System; How it works and what you can do with it
Topic Started: Mon Mar 17, 2014 12:28 pm (3,775 Views)
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Welcome to Imythess! We're delighted you're even considering joining our crazy little slice of the Internet. This topic's tabs are your one-stop shop for learning most everything you'd want to know about our distinctive item system: what it applies to, how you can use it, and what you can and can't do with it.

[tab=Introduction]Some play-by-post RP forums use an extensive system of items and statistics to determine what your character can do at pretty much any point in time. Others are completely freeform, allowing you to create and use anything you want for your characters from the beginning. Imythess' item system is midway between these two extremes. There aren't any statistics or complex math you have to worry about -- you're trusted to play out your capabilities reasonably in the narrative -- but most special things your character can do have to be purchased. You have a lot of freedom in interpreting and even modifying the things you've bought for your character. Two characters with the exact same capabilities can and will be entirely different in virtually limitless ways. It's a really exciting system that avoids some of the problems of the two extremes while being just plain fun to use!

We believe that you should own your adventures. One of the best parts about RPing in a fantasy setting like Imythess is that your character gets so many opportunities to experience different things, struggle through unbelievable conflicts, and grow as a person. When that growth involves becoming stronger or better at something, our item system allows you to literally own those advantages. You can use the gold you earned from RPing your character's tribulations to give them tangible payoff. If you think you'd find that uniquely satisfying, we agree![/tab]

[tab=How to Earn and Spend Gold]Gold is an out-of-character currency that you earn by making in-character posts or contributing to certain special forums. This is the currency you'll use to buy and sell most items, so the more posts you make, the richer you'll be! You receive 5 gold for every in-character post you make. Contributions to Local Lore and the Suggestions forums also earn you 5 gold per post. Writing about your character in Character Descriptions, Character Histories, and Character Journals will award gold as well. Special events and Guided Role-Plays also award large amounts of gold. There are a lot of ways for you to get gold because we want you playing around with all the cool stuff our item system has to offer!

Don't forget: you get free gold for your birthday, too!

At any time within 5 days of your birthday, post in the Sales Counter and receive 100 gold as a gift!

We have a ton of things you could potentially buy for your character. Seriously, check out the links on the table at the top of the Sales Counter. It's probably going to be really overwhelming at first, but I promise you'll get more knowledge with experience. If you ever need help navigating all the stuff we have available, don't hesitate to ask someone in the Chatbox below every page or post in the Help forum.

If you look in those shops, you'll notice that each item has a layout like this:

RopeThis is good, sturdy rope. Don't leave home without some! It's certainly not a legendary sword or anything, but still useful.

To find the price in gold you need to pay to buy the item, look next to "Buying." In this case, it'd be 15 gold. Same goes for Selling; you'd get 5 gold back if you sold the item.

To make your actual purchase, go to the Sales Counter and make a new topic there, saying what you want to buy using the mandatory format. As soon as possible, a staff member will subtract the gold from your gold count and then add the item to your inventory topic. Don't add the item to your inventory yourself -- we'll cover that! We'll probably chuck your new item into a spoiler at the top of your inventory that says "Recently Purchased." Once your order is filled, you can feel free to reformat your items in your inventory, take them out of that spoiler, etc.

You can probably guess that there's more to this system than just buying things; you can buy items as gifts for other people, sell items, auction or trade items with other members, all that good stuff. Doing these tasks is pretty much the same as buying items: just post in the Sales Counter using the mandatory format for the task you're doing, and there you have it. It's worthwhile to note, however, that if you're buying an item for someone else, you should use their RP level's price, not yours. To find out what a member's RP level is, click on their username and it should be listed under "Groups Joined." Also, a good place to garner interest for trades and member sales is the Auctions & Member Sales forum. If people commit to buying your items, you can then make an official exchange topic in the Sales Counter.[/tab]
[tab=Mandatory Format for Sales Counter Topics]The reason we require you to use a special format when posting orders in the Sales Counter is that we don't want anyone -- you or the staff -- doing more work than they have to. In reality, a bare minimum of important information is necessary for us to fill your purchases quickly and without confusion! Seriously, just copy the format below depending on what kind of transaction you're using; you don't need to provide us with any other information whatsoever.

Notes are in spoiler tags. Don't forget to cut out the parts that don't apply to your specific transaction.

Name of Item (from Shop Name) - # Gold
Name of Item (from Recipient) - # Gold

Total Spent = # Gold
Note (Click to Toggle)

Name of Item - # Gold To Shop Name
Name of Item (to Recipient) - # Gold

Total Received: # Gold
Note (Click to Toggle)

Name of Item - To Recipient
# Gold - To Recipient

Total Transferred = # Gold
Note (Click to Toggle)

Name of Item - From Giver to Me
# Gold - From Giver to Me

Total Received = # Gold
Note (Click to Toggle)

Grand Total = Total Received - Total Spent - Total Transferred = # Gold to add or remove
Note (Click to Toggle)

Protip: After your shop order in the Sales Counter has been filled, double-check your character's inventory and your gold count to verify that everything's in order. Staff members occasionally make mistakes; the faster they're caught, the better.

If a mistake has been made, post a new request in the Sales Counter explaining the issue.

If you want more information about this format, click here to read the unabridged version. It's helpful if you're really worried about doing the format incorrectly or need a refresher explanation on how to buy and sell items.[/tab]

[tab=Customization Options]What if you want an exotic weapon that isn't available in the shops, or a unique beast of burden you created yourself? Or maybe you have a weapon, but you really want to make it your own -- either by combining it with another weapon to give it unique effects, or by giving it a totally new appearance. What if your character belongs to a species that should have innate abilities?

You can do all this stuff in our item system. To learn more, click here. These are all completely voluntary, which is why they're in a separate topic from this one. After all, we don't want you worrying about a bunch of extra stuff if you don't really want to deal with it in the first place.[/tab]

[tab=Refer Your Friends to Imythess]A lot of Imythess' most die-hard members (including myself) came here because one of their friends told them it was awesome. If you've referred someone to the site, we think you're awesome.

If you referred someone to Imythess, and that person stays active on the site for at least 1 month, post in the Sales Counter to claim a free 100 gold. If they stay for at least 6 months, post in the Sales Counter to claim a free Unique Item Fragment. In both cases, the person you referred needs to post in the Sales Counter topic to confirm that you were the one who recruited them.

Referrals only count retroactively if both you and the person you referred are still active on the site.[/tab]
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