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Welcome to Imythess, the border between dreams and reality. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Imythess is a creative writing board where you narrate the story of a character in the medieval land of Imythess, on the planet Chaon. Each topic is an opportunity for your character to interact with the world and its peoples by cooperatively writing pieces of a story with other members, one post at a time. We call this role-playing, because you assume the identity of your character as if it were your own.

In order to play, you must register an account for each character you would like to write about, and begin their tale by filling out their basic profile information: Race (human, elf, demon, etc.), class (warrior, mage, etc.), physical appearance, and any other personal details you would like to describe. You are also encouraged to come up with some background history information for what your character's life has been like up to the point at which their story in Imythess begins.

There is no approval process or application required to join, so long as you follow the rules then you are free to write whatever character details you choose. Registration is simple, fast, and completely free.

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Welcome to Imythess!

Hello, traveler. You have arrived at the border between dreams and reality.

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Apostle of Serenity and Temporary Staff Break

Posted by Leyanni[Adm] (Admins) at Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:14 am. 0 comments

The temporary break has begun! The only staff service that will be rendered is that of the shops, although delays will occur during the middle of the work week due to my own schedule.

Please be on your best behavior in the cbox and any issues are to be reported to me, Leyanni, and not Ozan for the duration. Ozan will not be using her account while she's gone. You can contact me via PM, and some of you have my discord which is frankly even faster. If you need my discord, contact me via PM and I can friend you.

Apostle of Serenity has been adjusted, with the three most unpleasant anti-combat skills culled and replaced (Pacifism, Safeguard Only and Complete Serenity) with The Oath, Shepherd and Saint-Heroic. Some other small changes have been made because of the age of the PrC (and to make sure I don't bork it utterly with these changes). Mark of the Peaceful III was also totally overhauled with social benefits, the fluff was adjusted to make it clear who the PrC should be for rather than trying to make character limiting...limitations.

Temporary Staff Break Feb 19-24

Posted by Ozan[Adm] (Head Admins) at Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:15 pm. 4 comments

If Imythess isn't the most high-maintenance site of its kind, it certainly has to be one of them. Staff members (who are volunteers and receive absolutely no benefit to their lives from doing this) are under heavy, daily pressure to maintain basic features and work on new ones. If the amount of work the site generates is too much for our volunteer staff to maintain while still having a life, a job, etc, then something needs to be done about it. Making those decisions is part of my job.

Temporary Staff Break - February 19-24, 2018

All customization features on Imythess will be unavailable during these dates.

Explanation of Why

During this time period next week, several excused staff absences will be overlapping. This leaves a single active staff member available to take care of the entire site: Leyanni. And Leyanni will be busy with professional development at her own workplace as well, leaving her with limited time to carry out essential site maintenance such as the Sales Counter.

Imythess in its current form objectively cannot be maintained by a single person, especially one with a life and a full-time job (even with intermittent contributions from inactive staff). If it can be done, it would place inordinate amount of pressure on that person which can and does result in burnout. We've seen this happen in the past. So I'm not going to make any staff kill themselves trying to maintain less essential features. Please remember that staff on Imythess are volunteers.

What This Means for You

All customization features will be unavailable during this time. All of them. You won't be able to even post them, and if you do, staff won't even look at them until the break period I've mentioned is over.

Closed features will include the following, which were originally made solely for the privilege of the community in "fair-weather" staffing situations and the community is not inherently entitled to receive:

  • Custom Prestige Classes
  • Item Fusions
  • Complex Substitutions
  • Other Item Modifications
  • Unique Item Tickets
  • Common Item Tickets
  • Any other feature that allows you to customize your items or abilities that I might have forgotten to mention

This will give our only active staff member time to keep up on the most essential site features such as the Sales Counter, as well as (optionally, I told her) the truly ridiculous number of tweaky advanced Help forum questions we are receiving literally multiple times per day nowadays.

Q: Oh my god! Now I have to hurry to get my 18 fusions and 3 cPrCs done before the ST events start!

A: No. We never said that we'll "lock in" inventories for the current ST events. We apologize that we gave people the impression they need immaculate, complete inventories before the events start. You can buy stuff at the beginning of both events at the very least, for quite a while. This is not an emergency and you are not in any hurry to get anything approved. If you are, please read my frustrated comments below.

Q: Oh, okay. But I'm still going to dump all of my customization requests in ASAP so that they get approved before the break starts!!

A: For the love of God, please don't do that. We are already receiving more Staff Requests than our small staff can stay on top of. The active staff are steadily becoming exhausted with the workload directly resulting from this recent trend of relentless inventory optimization that's currently plaguing our community to an extent we haven't seen in several years.

My advice is to just let this break roll and focus on what the site was actually intended for: roleplaying. Customization features are not essential to 1.) the overall functioning of the site, 2.) your ability to enjoy writing, 3.) your ability to enjoy the character you've made, and 4.) your ability to write a compelling story.

So I'm going to force everyone to take a break next week so our short staff can focus on what really matters.

Thank you for being a member of Imythess, but please be kind to our small crew of volunteers.

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