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Rating: PG-13
  • What this means: Imythess is a role-playing site that is focused on the 13 and over age group. There is some violence/horror/mild swearing/and sometimes making out, but it never goes farther than that. If it does, it is against the rules and moderators and administrators will take action.


Appropriate Conduct
  • As a member, you will be expected to treat other members with respect, follow the rules, and not take advantage of the rules. They are not difficult to follow and if you have any questions considering them, post at the Help board.

    If you are found acting inappropriately, for any reason seen as inappropriate by an admin or moderator, you can and will receive a warning, be put on moderator preview, suspension, or even be banned.

    The admins at Imythess are chosen carefully for fair judgment and discretion will be used when using this right.


Disallowed Content
These are things that are not allowed on Imythess at all. If you violate any of the below then you may be banned without explanation. Imythess is meant to be rated PG-13, as mentioned above.

  • Nudity: While a lot of nudity is tasteful and unoffensive to most, it is not allowed here. This is partly because Imythess is meant to be friendly to 13 and up and because just as many people are offended by or feel uncomfortable around nudity.

  • Sex: Role-Playing sex is completely disallowed here. You may go as far as to making out, but it is time to fade to black when nudity comes into the role-play. That is a simple rule of thumb, but if a moderator or administrator feels it is too graphic you may be reprimanded or even banned.

    Additionally, you may not PM or IM members of Imythess to suggest sexual activity/discussion of any kind (RP, cyber, or real life). Imythess is not a place to hook up with people online and if you are found to be making requests like this or harassing members of the community in any way you will be banned immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy on this. If you even have to question if your conduct is considered inappropriate or not, then you should assume it is and refrain from doing it.

    You are highly encouraged to report any behavior of this sort; unwanted sexual discussions that make you uncomfortable are not something that you should have to deal with here in Imythess and the staff takes extra precaution to protect our members.

  • Flaming: Two words: NOT ALLOWED. You are to treat every member here with respect and courtesy. If you find that you and another member do no see eye-to-eye, do not begin a flame war, as anyone involved will probably be banned.

  • Drugs: The world of Chaon is meant to be a realistic world, and it does have illegal substances, alcohol, and other things of the sort. This does not mean you have the right to use them as an excuse to get your character high. Any discussion that takes place Out Of Character that concerns drugs and getting high is totally disallowed. The same goes for In-Character. While your character may get intoxicated on the ale in the Green Gryphon tavern, they are not allowed to get high on mushrooms or other substances.

  • Excessive Swearing: While some swearing is allowed, it is not encouraged, especially OOC (Out of Character). It is acceptable for your character to say 'damn' from time to time, but not much more than that. Keep it clean.
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