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Floating City

Striberg is built atop a massive iceberg floating off of the coast of the North Reaches. Its existence is only possible through the magical barrier surrounding the metropolis that simultaneously keeps the ice from melting while maintaining a pleasant temperate climate within the city. The barrier itself is visible as a distortion in the air that completely encapsulates the City of Magic. The iceberg has been carved into tiers leading up from sea level to the highest point of the city, hundreds of feet above the frigid waves. The quality of the buildings and surroundings increases from tier to tier, with the tall, imposing towers of the Academy of Magic looming over the rest of the city from the highest level. Although the barrier keeps snow from falling in Striberg, the architecture is still remniscient of times when buildings had to remain warm and secure throughout blizzards and long winters. Most are made of large blocks of quarried stone, with sloped roofs covered in slate tiles. Other spaces have been carved into the resilient ice of the iceberg itself, including several cavern-like marketplaces and open squares, as well as tunnels that allow easy access from one side of the city to the other.

Several bridges, both those made out of magical ice and those made out of normal materials, lead from the iceberg to the nearby coastline. This area is covered in urban sprawl. The buildings are of notably poorer construction than those on the iceberg proper. Since the barrier does not fully extend to the mainland, this region of Striberg still receives heavy snowfalls on a regular basis. Checkpoints are maintained on each bridge by the City Guard so that the magical aptitude of visitors can be assessed and their rank within Striberg's thaumocratic caste system determined.

Striberg, the City of Magic

The Academy of Magic
The Academy of Magic is where the one can learn the fine skills of the Spellcrafter.
The Importance of Magic Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:23 am, By Pyxidus
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Striberg, the City of Magic
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