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The Burning Fist Monestary

The Primal Fist Monastery was originally built with the treasure of the current master, Kaess. Originally built as the home for the Burning Fist, the monastery is constructed of stones and other heat resistant materials. Since its original construction its training grounds expanded to support the other three elements of the Primal Fist. It was originally built in a crater-like crevice on Therab the Volcano, but the rocky walls were mostly torn down in the expansion creating a wide, flat training ground filled with equipment in front of the main building. There is a small one foot high wall rimming the training ground marking the borders of the monastery.

There are two ways from the training yards. One leads to the walled off meditation garden and the other is the wide entrance to the monastery itself. There are no doors to the monastery entrance and the monastery is mostly built into the mountain itself.

The Main Hall leads to the kitchens and dining room on the left and student quarters on the right. In the back left is the door to Kaess' private room. To the back right are two doors that lead to the bathrooms and a hot spring. They are divided into male and female; male is the left door going in and female the right.

The entire place is protected by powerful wards setup by combined efforts of some the strongest mages Kaess could higher from the Academy of Magic. These wards make it possible to live on the volcano without risk. Even an eruption would be warded off with little risk to the lives inside.
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The Primal Fist Monestary
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