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Carrion Pit

Deep within the Hauntwood Marsh's flooded core lies the Carrion Pit, a massive castle that sunk into the marsh. Few would considered building a castle in marsh a wise decision, yet long ago one man sought to work with such daft advice and built a castle on the marsh. It sank into the marsh. So a second was castle was built, and sunk into the marsh. So a third was was built. That burned down, fell over, then sank into the marsh. But the forth castle stayed up and for years was proclaimed as the strongest castle of all of Imythess, before ultimately sinking into the marsh. The last of castles captured the attention of the Master of the Marsh. The Master of the Marsh has many "homes" scattered across the Hauntwood Marsh, yet he recently opted to excavate the castle and claim it as a more permanent lodging. It's not as extensive or defensive as the various neglected dragon lairs scattered about the marsh, but Master of the Marsh favors the accessibility.

The majority of the castle is found within the depths of the murky water, though the castle's top level peeks out above the waters surface. This gives castle one of Chaon's largest moats, a moat that's festering with leeches, crocodiles, drakes, and other creatures that will make short of anyone seeking to brave the waters. The castle's roof and four towers are in vegetation so much that the towers might be mistaken for trees from a far enough glance. Few if any of the plants are not poisonous, carnivorous or parasitic and many are a mix of the three. Bones often indicate which plants are carnivorous as they are quite often fed.

Few of the rooms inside are accessible, whether because they are filled with corpses, ravenous creatures bred by the Master of the Marsh, or are blocked off by muck and still flooded. See inside for a description of what is excavated and accessible.
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Carrion Pit
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