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Imythess is a creative writing board where you narrate the story of a character in the medieval land of Imythess, on the planet Chaon. Each topic is an opportunity for your character to interact with the world and its peoples by cooperatively writing pieces of a story with other members, one post at a time. We call this role-playing, because you assume the identity of your character as if it were your own.

In order to play, you must register an account for each character you would like to write about, and begin their tale by filling out their basic profile information: Race (human, elf, demon, etc.), class (warrior, mage, etc.), physical appearance, and any other personal details you would like to describe. You are also encouraged to come up with some background history information for what your character's life has been like up to the point at which their story in Imythess begins.

There is no approval process or application required to join, so long as you follow the rules then you are free to write whatever character details you choose. Registration is simple, fast, and completely free.

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Character Homes

Iliac Abbey
The abbey is set in a clearing in Norwood, surrounded by a medium-sized brick wall.
Moderated By: Eliel
[P] Refuge Thu Dec 3, 2015 5:34 am, By Cordelia Brooks
Topics: 19 Replies: 150
Aether Draka's Palace
A small palace deep in the shadows of Gloomwood.
Moderated By: Aether Draka
The Good, The Bad, & The Wild Thu Sep 8, 2016 8:52 pm, By Aether Draka
Topics: 10 Replies: 48
Carrion Pit
Deep within the Hauntwood Marsh's flooded core lies the Carrion Pit, a massive castle that sunk into the marsh.
Moderated By: Vernon
Found at Last Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:53 am, By Nia
Topics: 4 Replies: 8
No-one may enter or even see the property unless Rothardan "invites them".
Moderated By: Rothardan
Birds of a feather... Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:08 pm, By Veronna Darkblade
Topics: 1 Replies: 27
The Black Door
The Black Door is a large red brick building, four stories tall with several large windows.
Moderated By: Shuett
Lying Low Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:50 pm, By Nicholas Black
Topics: 5 Replies: 25
The Primal Fist Monestary
A large monestary midway up Therab the Volcano.
Moderated By: redfiver
KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:22 am, By redfiver
Topics: 35 Replies: 862
The Naw Line
An abandoned, locked up shop in Balefire.
Moderated By: Taiaka
The Naw Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:27 pm, By Taiaka
Topics: 1 Replies: 0
Alena's Tree Bower
The trees have grown together in an unusual way to form this home that resides Near Richimon Lake, in a small tree grove.
Moderated By: Alena Mirrorwing
Peace At Long Last [P] Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:04 am, By Sain Tathlyn
Topics: 1 Replies: 2
A Forested Glade
Located in a remote forested area near the northeastern base of the Gwilikith Mountain Range, above the small village of Eden's Rest. This home, protected by illusionary magic, lies hidden from the world.
Moderated By: Miriel
A Celestial misunderstanding [P] Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:08 pm, By Keelin
Topics: 1 Replies: 13
Cold Seamount
Isolated from the rest of Chaon by several thousand miles of deep ocean waters on all sides, this island was once little more than a bump in the undersea road. Now it has risen to transcend the choppy ocean in which it dwells. Headlands rise more than a thousand feet above the surface of the ocean on the southeastern corner and eastern side of the island, while the entire northern edge of the island is covered in a treacherous slope of ice extending nearly a hundred miles seaward. The rest of the island is protected underwater by hundreds of miles of ice coral that is impossible for all but the heartiest creatures to get through safely. The entire island, however, is better known by the locals for its deep and penetrating cold than it is for its outer defenses.
Moderated By: Wolf-Dancer
No Posts in Forum
Topics: 0 Replies: 0
Ban's Diner
A diner belonging to the famed werebear chef, Banagher.
Moderated By: Bear Cook
At Least the Price Is Right... Sat Aug 8, 2015 12:51 pm, By Bear Cook
Topics: 2 Replies: 53
Adventurers Guild
A guild for adventurers.
Moderated By: Shadeen
Miria's Wolves Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:35 pm, By Sapphira
Topics: 2 Replies: 2
The Swarthy Hog Inn and Bar
On the outside, the Swarthy Hog Inn looks like any other building. From the road, one would see a 2 story Inn. Upon walking around the main part of the building, a visitor would realize that there is a 'new' extension added to the back, containing two large rooms for events, such as wedding receptions, funerals, or parties. If that's your kind of thing to have a Bar. The outside has the same older 'classical' feel of the rest of Kellen, mostly made of wood, but for the sign that hangs parallel to the ground off the building. The sign itself is wooden with the words: The SWARTHY HOG written with a drawing of a pig. There is moss growing up the sides along the door, offering a friendly-like appearance to anyone that looks. As the years have gone by, Don, the owner of the Inn, and his 2 adopted daughters, Narah and Victoria have taken careful care of the Inn, making sure that it stays safe and that the only thing that grows on the outside is the moss.
Moderated By: Narah
A Healer in a Bar? Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:35 pm, By Vincetie
Topics: 2 Replies: 11
The Coral Chateau
House Description: An enormous structure made of coral, and polished granite, sitting near the center of the bay of Taras. The main archway faces the city, and a small dock leads to the door. It shines brightly in the morning and evening, and sharp coral deters those who would try to sneak in, instead of using the main door. The interior is relatively spartan, but elegant. There is a single tower that protrudes above the rest of the granite and coral, from which you may look over the whole bay.
The Halls of the Necropolis.[DNR] Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:49 am, By Silnimare
Topics: 2 Replies: 0

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