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Stretching from the edge of the Debon Plains all the way to the borders of Choer lies an impressive collection of arid and seemingly desolate lands. In the northern regions, the desert takes the form of rolling hills and ridges of stone that thrust up from the basement rock and through the arid, sandy soil in bulwarks of tan, ocher, brown, and gray. Between the lines of ridges are vast, empty valleys, many with the courses of rivers that have either dried completely, or become seasonal at best. Flat-topped mesas may be found in some locations, typically surrounded by flat pans of hard packed gypsum. The occasional spires of stone are all that remain of mountains worn away by time, wind, and the occasional rain.

The ridges become more prominent further south and can be cut through with wide canyons. Unlike the lands north, water can be found in streams and creeks, though these are typically at the bottom of steep or sheer sided canyons cut deeply into stratified rock of the same earthen hues, where the harsh sun cannot evaporate them to flows of dust. East lay the true wastelands, great open plains of rolling hills that are inhospitable to most sapient beings. Further south yet lies a narrow and steep-sided range of mountains that provide an effective obstacle to travel between Choer and Imythess.

Despite the seeming desolation the desert is filled with life and a sere beauty. This beauty is most manifest after the rare thunderstorm, which transform the desert in that locale into a veritable paradise.

Istan Desert

Istan City, the City of the Sun
This ancient city rests at the origin of a verdant delta.
Mezizi does Limericks? Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:00 am, By Xibalba
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Istan Desert
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