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City of the Sun

The ancient city of Istan is located where the Istan River transitions into a verdant delta. Two layers of thick stone walls encircle the city center and remain maintained to this very day. The inner ring, located close to the western end of the outer walls, fortifies Palace Hill and several high-class neighborhoods. The space between the inner wall and the outer wall is tightly packed with markets and residences. To help ease the headaches of travel and trade in such a densely populated city, shallow canals allow flat-bottomed boats and gondolas to ferry goods and people from place to place. Flat-roofed buildings extend to the very edge of the canals and little space is wasted. Much of the inner city is surprisingly clean.

Compared to other nationstates in Imythess, the sight of armed soldiers posted or patrolling is very common. Harsh, public military crackdowns occur when civil unrest reaches a breaking point. The crystalline Temple of the Dead God is located at the center of the city. Having been seized a long time ago by the government, the building and its tall spire function as a retrofitted military headquarters and observation post. The locals now more commonly refer to it as the Central Army Headquarters or simply Central.

Istan City spills far beyond its walls. The narrow outer streets are crowded with peddlers, scammers, street entertainers, and beggars. A large tent city rings the outskirts beyond that. These temporary structures are mostly inhabited by people who work in the city but are still too poor to afford a permanent home.

Istan City, the City of the Sun

The Academy of Arms
This is a large university where some of the best swordsmen and women come from.
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Istan City, the City of the Sun
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