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Cold Seamount

From a distance, Cold Seamountís actual size and shape are difficult to determine. The waters just ten miles beyond the western ice floes that surround the island float in water so frigid that even most animals known for their ability to brave the coldest of climates cannot survive for very long. The ice itself is easily broken by a strong and sturdy ship; the problem any ship faces in approaching the island from the west or northwest is that the cold waters quickly cover the ship itself in thick ice that is difficult to break or melt. Even more treacherous than this, however, is the underwater ice coral. Although beautiful, this underwater trap forms a sentient net extending nearly twenty miles out from the island in every direction; it grows from within the base of the island itself, is rarely found less than fifty feet below the surface of the water, and is almost impossible to navigate or escape from once it begins ensnaring those that pass over or through it. The coral can bend to reach just under the surface of the water, you see, and often does in order to lash out against anything foreign to it that tries to escape its notice. Enormous headlands on the eastern side of the island and steep slopes formed by a mostly solid sheet of rough ice in the northeastern corner make the island a natural fortress.

Then there is the wildlife to consider. Assuming you survive long enough to reach the island, it will seem little more than an uninhabited winter wasteland covered in hills and mountains of deep snow and thick ice. Though numerous dire variations of common oceanic fish swarm the waters around the island uninhibited, fishing is difficult at best. But when darkness comes, the already frigid temperatures will fall spectacularly. It is then that the apparent kings and queens of the island make themselves known: the Northern Sea-Wolves. They strike without warning, exhaling a freezing mist from below what at first seems to be solid ground and then appearing with an arctic flourish; if they donít manage to drag you under the water, disappearing as suddenly as they came, you will be abandoned to the strange figures periodically dotting the pitch-black hills and mountains. The solitude and silence of the island will press in on you just as agonizingly as the cold will, and sometimes, you may even hear unearthly howls carried from distant places by the ever-biting winds.

This place is the very definition of winter, and it seems to hold far more than what meets the naked eye.
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Cold Seamount
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