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The Naw Line

Nestled between a seedy brothel and a burnt out bed & breakfast in Balefire is a small shop front. The sign over the door reads “The Naw Line” in welcoming script yet all the windows have been blacked out. If one tries the door, they will find it locked and barred from the inside. No light can be seen spilling from the obvious cracks in the splintering wood. No whispers can be heard from the large, dusty taproom inside. By all accounts, The Naw Line has been abandoned ever since the Juanko vampire coven was disbanded late last year. Rumor says the place was bought by a demon though; gossip spread by the barrel-chested bouncers that belong to the neighboring brothel, collaborated by paranoid grandmothers and curious children. The word on the street is that the service entrance around back sees a fair share of deliveries. Back there, by the crates of rotting fruit, it always smells like Istan tobacco.
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The Naw Line
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The Naw
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Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:27 pm
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