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Especially Important Stuff

  • In general, be as reasonable as you would be in real life. Don't be a jerk and don't be creepy. Treat others with respect. Do your best not to talk about religion or politics. If someone is ever making you uncomfortable, please let the staff know and we'll gladly help you. Imythess is supposed to be a safe environment for everyone.

  • Imythess is rated PG-13/Young Adult, and all conduct and content should be measured against that standard. We don't want to see depictions of sex, sexual violence, or extreme/lurid violence anywhere on the board. If you want to RP about sex, fade to black and skip the details. Anything outside of Imythess that you link in the board, Links Out, or Chatbox (Cbox) also needs to abide these rules.

  • Always speak up! As a member of Imythess, you have the freedom to vocally disagree with and be critical of the site's features and staff. Discussions and friendly debate are a large part of our community. Constructive criticism is how we build on each other's ideas, create and improve site features, and foster an open relationship between the staff and members. We know we're not perfect, so why not help us be the best we can be?

General Etiquette

  • The word count minimum for Imythess RP posts is 50 words. Please make sure all your RP posts are 50 words long or more.

  • Don't godmod or powerplay. That essentially means that you shouldn't control another player's character without permission, and you shouldn't make your character more powerful than is reasonable or justified.

  • When you're fighting and adventuring, use only the items you own. Imythess has a robust item system which essentially controls what your character can and cannot do in a fight (there's more flexibility with matters unrelated to combat). To learn more about Imythess' item system, go here.

  • Imythess is strictly fantasy and loosely medieval. There are no guns or modern technology, but there's a lot of leeway in themes and aesthetics. We do have some lore, but the continent of Imythess is not entirely described. There's still enough freedom to add your own locations and eke out your own "canon" in general.

  • Roleplays marked as private or [P] are only for the person who the RP is tagged for, or if you have been invited specifically. It is a good idea to ask if you can join an RP that is already in progress before posting. Also, if you do join an open topic, please respect your fellow's opening and don't kill major NPCs in their thread without reason.

  • Don't spam or double-post, especially in forums where posts earn you gold. This includes any of the RP forums and the Suggestions forum. Make your posts useful and contributory. Simply stating a short yes or no to a suggestion is fine, but agreeing with each and every post without adding new content is not. Essentially, to not 'spam', make your posts contribute something worthwhile and explain your thoughts.

  • Use profanity in moderation. Excessive use of profanity is a violation of the Zetaboards Terms of Use.

Items, Accounts and Characters

  • Your character must have an inventory topic to hold all their items. To make one, just create a topic in the Inventory Forum and list off your items. Doing this is important because the moderators can't fill your purchase requests otherwise! Only one inventory topic per character, but it may have multiple posts (and even a table of contents) if you like being very organized.

  • You must have one registered account for each character. If you have multiple characters, you're required to have an alts list in the Alternate Character Registry with a link to it placed somewhere visible in either your signature or your profile section (Preferences -> Update Profile) for each character.

  • The maximum image size for signatures is 500 x 400 pixels. Try not to make your signature excessively long.

Special Rules for the Chatbox

The Chatbox (Cbox) can be found at the bottom of most Imythess pages and here. It's quite active, so we'd love for you to chat with us! Here are some special rules to keep in mind, though.

  • All relevant Imythess rules apply to the Chatbox as well.

  • Disclaimer: Links posted in the Chatbox may contain profanity that is otherwise filtered on Imythess. As a matter of courtesy, please warn people before posting links containing strong profanity.

  • If a current subject in the chat is making someone uncomfortable, or if a staff member tells you the current subject needs to be dropped, then you need to drop it. Keep aware of the current people in the Cbox; don't crack dirty jokes when young people are or can be present, for example.

  • Unless you're a new member, please ask Imythess-related questions in the Help forum instead of the Cbox. If you ask a question in the Cbox about the board, it's purely optional for staff members to answer it. Keep in mind that many staff members use the Chatbox as a place to relax, so bombarding them with questions can be considered rude (unless you're new to the site; in that case, we'd love to help you in real-time). The same applies to the Suggestions forum. If you think something about the board should be changed, please post it in the Suggestions forum -- it lasts longer and will attract more attention.

  • Don't ever share personal information in the Chatbox. If you need to tell someone your email or IM address, use private messages.

  • While you have the freedom to use pretty much any name you want in the Cbox, it's appreciated if you use one that makes your identity on the board easy to discern. If you aren't using an easy-to-identify name, and a staff member asks you to identify yourself, you must do so. Don't impersonate anyone for a malicious reason. Don't ever use Cbox names to impersonate staff members for any reason.

  • You may select your own Cbox avatar, but it must not be animated, distracting or violate any board rules. The staff reserve the right to ask you to change your Cbox avatar at any time.

Disciplinary Action

We'll do our best to make the punishment fit the offense. For example, violating mild guidelines (such as "try not to make your signature too long") would merit, at worst, a gentle reminder. You'll receive warnings if you break rules, though. Repeated warnings will result in suspensions, which could eventually result in you being banned from the site. Very nasty content will result in an immediate ban. The moderation team is happy to explain why you're receiving a warning, but their words are final when it comes to discipline. Use this explanation to avoid rulebreaking in the future!
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