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Self control & growing up; How do I get this???
Topic Started: Jun 11 2007, 12:07 PM (725 Views)
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:noon: Hi Everyone,
Well, I think I've discovered where I keep falling. I hope you weren't 'put off' by the title of this topic. I'm sure I would have been, oh, 24 hours ago. But the Lord has been speaking to me..ever so gently of course about self control. Now I know the word is specific about us having self control, it is one of the fruits. However, I've realized that I've always had really good excuses.. :but: abusive childhood, failed marriage, deaths and other significant losses..and on and on. But here I am, not so threatened by this call to be self controlled. I have been asking the Lord since yesterday when I finally heard HIM lol..for it. I've been asking for more of His presence and his direction..so I thought of you and wondered if any of you may have been here ore are here. And what advise or guidance you can shed on this for me.
I'm so thankful for this site. I don't come regularly but I feel comforted in knowing it is here and that people who love Lord Jesus are united in this challenge.
Karen..aka mazing...and don't I need grace :rolleyes: :amen:
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Hi Karen, and so glad you knew to come here when the Lord spoke to you!

The fruit of the Spirit--self-control must come from the Spirit, our own will power does not produce this exotic fruit.

If you are up for a journey I have a 12 day plan for the fullness of the Holy Spirit.


If that is too overwhelming right now, let me assure you that He which began a good work in you will complete it. You have taken the first step of not only asking in prayer but in hearing. God highly favors those two way conversations. And don't forget another fruit is patience or longsuffering. So you'll get that too on your journey to self-control. :bless: And stay around here and respond too.
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The secret to success where bearing fruit (self-control, patience, longsuffering, etc.) is abiding in the Vine. There's an excellent book by Andrew Murray "Abiding in Christ" that goes into more detail if you're up for a good read.

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Mazing.....Karen, It is good to see you. Self-control is something that I struggle with....well I struggle in spurts. Sometimes I listen to His precious :spirit: and then the control is so easy, :but: -- :aw: there are times when I get busy - or I 'want-what-I-want-when-I-want-it' and I push that little still voice down, brush it aside, [ :should: ], or forget to spend time :prayed: so I :jog: my own trail -- that is when I struggle. The :ghug: here, keep me 'in - line' and I am becoming better at the self-control because of it. So, no, you are not alone, but the fellowship here is great, and will help strengthen the resolve to learn self-control. Editor is fantastic with her lessons....you can't help but grow from them. I hope you will come back often and let us learn together the Self-control that will please God.
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