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GTD Mascot; A Tribute To Maxx
Topic Started: Feb 17 2007, 07:21 PM (574 Views)
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Posted Image

On Monday, 2/19/2007, at about 7:30 pm, we took our beloved dalmation Maxx to the vet for the last time. We stayed in the room and said goodbye to him while the vet very compasionately and gently put Maxx to sleep and out of his misery. In her very words "Maxx is running now".

This had been an extremely difficult decision. Last summer the vet diagnosed Maxx as having a tumor very close to his anus. Shortly after that he lost all control and was doing all of his business in the house. He was in some pain, and was very weak and shakey near the end. He'd had cataracts in both eyes for several years and his vision became quite poor. It was time to say goodbye to our dear friend, a brother to Russell and Geordan, and another child for Fayrda and me.

He was a big dog for his breed, at almost 75 pounds for most of his adult life. We travelled 2 hours in a blizzard to get him in January 1995. We had promised our sons that as soon as Geordan was potty trained, we would get a dalmation. That happened, and immediately they wanted the dog. Maxx had been born on December 4, 1994. The reason we travelled so far for him was that the ad in the paper listed him for only $150.00, which is an excellent price. We were fooled unfortunately by the owner as she had no real papers for Maxx. Turns out he was probably not fully dalmation. A friend thinks he was part harlequin great dane, which is white with black markings and a signature long bone on the top of the head, which Maxx had.

When we brought him home at 6 weeks old he did the typical puppy thing and cried all night. I spent the first three nights sleeping with him on the utitliity room floor. We have seen him eat and pass whole socks. He developed the nasty habit of eating used tissues out of garbage cans, which he has never been able to break.
Even with those few faults, Maxx had been a very good dog.

Maxx (we jokingly always said his full name was Maximillion Puddles) had been a loyal companion and good friend for over 12 years. He will be missed and always have a special place in our hearts.
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Dave :bless: Thank you for allowing Maxx to become our official Grace Today mascot.
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Dave, i'm sorry i'm reading this late ......... that must have been so hard to say goodbye to Maxx although I know in your memories it wasn't really goodbye. Thanks for sharing some of Maxx's life with us here; and the picture also. What a beautiful dog he looks in that photo. Maxx is running now!
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