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The Father Says Today: 1/4
Topic Started: Jan 5 2013, 05:55 AM (95 Views)
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The Father Says Today:
Prophets Russ and Kitty

The Father says today that there are no "Cookie Cutter Christians". You are unique. You have an individual destiny unlike any of your peers around you. I have not called you to strive for the familiar or to reproduce the works or character of others. I said in My word that men everywhere should work and eat their own "Bread". I am that Bread says the Father. I am the Bread from Heaven and who I am in your life is different, unique and original.

As you go about your day make it your purpose to share who I am in your own personal life. When the Israelites of old tried to store up the daily Manna they found it bread worms. Yesterday's Manna will never do. Who I am in the life of another has no bearing on the stewardship of who I am on the inside of you. It is time for the inward alignment with My glory and My person inside of your own heart and life. That is the Master who will calm the storm, raise the dead and cast out devils.

You see says the Father I did not send the Son to be an outward resource of external strength. The shed blood of Calvary is not an outward application but an inward resource of transformation and change. This is the kingdom of God that is within you. All other concepts of My kingdom are the figments of religious and misdirected thinking. So celebrate who I am in your life. Be bold enough to express the originality of My person in your own life. Cease trying to emulate others or please others. In so doing you step into your destined purpose and find your place of belonging in Me.
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