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5 uses for old pantyhose
Topic Started: Dec 16 2008, 02:19 PM (328 Views)
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LOCATE LOST ITEMS - Dropped a contact lens? Earring somewhere on the floor? Slip a pantyhose leg over the nozzle of the vacuum and secure it witha rubber band. Gently move the nozzle over the floor; the lost item will attach to the pantyhose.

BUFF SHOES - Rub them over shoes to boost shine.

STORE WRAPPING PAPER - Keep partially used rolls of wrapping from tearing by slipping them into the legs. If you have several rolls of paper, put a couple in each leg and drape the whole thing over a hanger.

SCRUB A TUB - Cut off the foot section, slip a sponge into it and knot the end. Use a nonabrasive scouring pad for tubs, dishes, walls and other nonporous surfaces.

LIFT A DEODORANT STAIN - Rub scrunched-up pantyhose over the spot. It instantly removes the mark.
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