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Is it always calories in calories out?; does the kind of calories matter?
Topic Started: Sep 9 2008, 12:19 AM (1,125 Views)
Wendy Adelissa
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Sold Out To God
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Hey everyone. I admit I don't truly know a lot about dieting, but nutritionists have always explained that your body needs a certain amount of calories to maintain your weight and if you have a deficit you will lose. Sounds pretty simple. I tried it. I ate around 1500 calories every day for a week. (I supposedly need 2500 to maintain but I don't believe it) I gained. Someone mentioned a couple things on another site and I wanted your opinion.
If you overeat at one meal, even if you have a total calorie deficit you will probably not lose as much. This caught my attention because the diet I am on is 3 meals no snacking. Mostly because lately, I am not as hungry as I used to be. Also I am rather busy and it is hard to eat at random times. My calories look about like this on a typical day: Breakfast 550, Lunch 420, Dinner 500. We all have heard that small frequent meals are best but face it...unless you plan your day around food that can be really hard.
What kind of calorie is as important as the number: Ok here is where I confess and blush. I don't eat near the kinds of foods I should. today on a typical day I ate no fruits and only 3 veggies (if the fiesta salsa at taco bell count lol otherwise 2)
Here is what I ate today:
Breakfast, 2 slices toast (white for shame for shame) with about a tablespoon of margarine (not the bad kind) 200 calories
2 eggs over easy in no calorie cooking spray 160 calories
cereal and fat free milk 190 calories
total 550
Why so much at Breakfast? I read somewhere that those who have a large breakfast are better able to get through the day with no cheating. It has worked for me!
Lunch home made chicken stew (420 calories) This has 2 servings of veggies and 2 servings of lean protein per serving (it also has cream of chicken soup with fat free milk as a main ingredient)
Taco bell
Fresco bean and rice burrito with baja sauce and side of rice 500 calories
total 1470 calories

So there is probably some hidden fat in there...could that be keeping me from a loss?

Anyway, sorry so long winded and I am probably obsessing too much, it will prob be much better this week but I wanted your advice. We all know how we should eat, but is a less than perfect diet still capable of loss? You would think right?
Edited by Wendy Adelissa, Sep 9 2008, 12:23 AM.
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Heaven Bound
I find that waiting till you're hungry and eating to satisfied works the best. That's the signals God gave. I know sometimes they aren't quite accurate because I take prednisone and high doses can make you really hungry. Maintainance doses are eaiser to handle.
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Wendy, the method we use to lose weight that works as a lifestyle change that is acceptable for each one of us varies. However, the only thing that never varies is that you need create a 3500-calorie deficit through diet, exercise or a combination of both, to lose one pound of body weight.

The inability to see positive results on your scale this week may just be water retention.

It also works for me to eat my calories earlier in the day. I don't believe that school of thought has fluctuated with newest diet advice.

I do think you are obsessing too much. You will finely tune your diet to try to get in the healthiest choices possible and the lower calorie foods as a choice, yet I saw nothing wrong with your choices that you outlined.

With any diet plan, it is essential to take a good multiple vitamin. Try as I may there is no way I can get in the recommended servings a day of the food guide pyramid recommendations while restricting calories for weight loss or maintenance afterward.

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Deleted User
Deleted User

Wendy, you have been given excellent advice so far which I agree with whole-heartedly. I think what is 'hidden' in restaurant/fast food is high sodium levels. That will cause you to retain water.

Relax a little bit while keeping your focus on the Lord and let Him help you make the right choices. You are doing fantastic with your eating and activity, and it will show up on the scale eventually.
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Wendy Adelissa
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Sold Out To God
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thanks guys :) I did weigh today and had a slight loss so I know it is working...:)
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God's Grace Stability
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When restricting carbs, I find that I can have a higher amount of calories. I don't restrict fats and still am losing.

Where are you wendilady?
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Wendy has been battling cancer and other trials. Here is a link to her last prayer request in April, 2011: Wendy's Prayer Request.
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God's Grace Stability
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ok, thanks Dave. I didn't realize :(
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Head Admin editor
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5 Calorie Slashes to Lose 1 Pound a Week

By T. Kallmyer

Theoretically, weight loss happens when you take in less calories than you burn off.

Of course, nothing in life is quite this simple, but keeping this notion in mind throughout the week is important.

You might be surprised at how quickly you shed those last few unwanted pounds using these 5 diet tips.

Unnecessary Calories
To lose a pound a week, you need to cut approximately 500 calories a day. This may seem like a lot, but calories often add up much more quickly than you think.
Of course, knowing where to find these 500 calories is crucial. After all, you can't cut what you don't know. To help you out, here are a few common places unnecessary calories often lurk.

Consider limiting or reducing these five types of foods in your meal plan to successfully lose a pound a week.

Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are often loaded with calories. These calories can add up quickly and often provide very little else in terms of nutrition.

Instead, quench thirst with water or no calorie beverages. Remember, juice can contain as much sugar as a soda, so be careful.

Alcoholic beverages can also be a source of excessive calories and you may want to reconsider how much you drink. If you drink one to two glasses a day, consider cutting down to one or limiting your drinks to only a few days a week.

Sweet Treats
Candies and sweets are another common source of excessive calories. For example, there are 271 calories in a 2 ounce Snickers bar and 537 calories in a king size!

Although its fine to indulge in your favorite chocolatey treat on occasion, eating one bar every day can really start to add up.

Consider replacing your favorite candy break with a fruit or yogurt break. You'll still get that sweet taste you love, but the calories you consume will be far less.

Plus, fruit and yogurt are often rich in fiber and/or protein; both known to help increase overall satiety so you will be less likely to overeat later on.

Full Fat Products

Another great way to slash calories without slashing the nutritional value of your food is to swap your full-fat products for lower fat varieties.

Fat is an important component of any diet; however, fat simply has more calories per gram than the other calorie-containing nutrients.

Cut down on fat and you'll automatically cut down on your calories.

Second Helpings

Keeping portion sizes in check is crucial for weight management. Whether you are tempted to refill your plate or take a few bites off your child's, remember that those calories gradually add up.

Since you only need to cut 500 calories each day to lose an approximate pound a week, remember that it doesn't take a lot of second helpings to put you over your calorie mark. Keep your fork to yourself and eat only what is on your individual plate.

You may also find it helpful to keep food on the counter, not the table so that you are less tempted to reach for any additional servings once your plate is empty.

Late Night Snacks

There is nothing wrong with a healthy late night snack; of course, that's if you're truly hungry and you pick something that's not only delicious, but good for you.

The game changes a bit though when weight loss is your primary objective. If you struggle with late night snacking, closing down your kitchen after a set time may help you keep your calories within a more appropriate target.

Bottom Line

Removing 500 calories from your day can often result from a few minor changes.

Discover what areas of your diet could withstand a little calorie trimming and you could soon be on your way to a healthier weight.

Where can you cut back on calories each day?

By Kati Mora, RD for DietsInReview.com
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