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A Dark World Characters
Topic Started: 23 Aug 2009, 03:17 AM (580 Views)
Red Demon
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Thunder Fists

Alright so this character is for an RP I'm about to start. I figured this place was looking a bit bare.

Character: Rexus
Human, aged 26. Tall, about 6'4", 233 lbs. He's built and muscular. But then, that's what it takes to survive in most cases. He has black hair he rarely combs, but looks alright ruffled and messy. He has a dark complexion due to his mother being Caucasian and his father African. He has green eyes and wears dog tags around his neck.

Ability: Under certain intense circumstances, with enough adrenaline in his veins, his reactions become increased considerably. Or rather, he starts seeing the world a lot slower than how everyone else sees it.
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Gurren Lagann

RD! Grats on getting the first RP up and running. Great first post for it and great story idea too. :caitsith:

Can you edit the title of this topic to the name of the RP followed by characters? That way we can all put our characters in this topic and it saves the forum getting too messy :)

I'm just going to add my character in here now because I can :P

Name: Chroma

Age: Unknown looks to be in her early 20's

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 7''

Appearance: Sketch

She has purple hair Motoko Kusanagi style, and red eyes. Pale skin and a dark leather outfit.

Weapons: She carries a handgun called Diablos (complete with a little red devil keychain) and on her back a big sniper rifle (much like Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan link).

Abilities: Chroma is very agile and is an excellent shot. Aside from her hyper agility and vision she has no other "super human" skills.

Personality: Chroma is unhinged mentally. She could be considered as evil and she could be considered as good. She does what she wants and doesn't care for the outcome. She loves violence and destruction and normally tries to fit both into her daily activity. She rolls on her own most of the time, out of convience rather than anything else. She likes going to clubs and drinking. She smokes too but also loves lollipops.

Bio: Chroma isn't sure where she's from or how old she. She just woke up one day in a back alley in one of Earth's big cities disorientated and confused. She began living rough and quickly got into a life of crime. She always knew that she had to protect herself and did it by whatever means possible. She some how managed to survive mainly wrecking a path of havoc wherever she went. Along the way she picked up her trusty gun Diablos (complete with a little red devil keychain) and her sniper rifle. In the past she has been hired for her sniper skills as a mercinary.

I think that's all!
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Death Rider.

Edit: I got better idea for my character.

Name: Kayne Punishin

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 9

Appearance: Short black hair spiked up a little at the front, quite built and fit and Blue eyes.

Kayne is seen wearing mostly dark clothing which is black jeans, a black tank top tucked into his pants, a studded belt, black leather jacket, dark brown army boots and finger cut gloves.

He also has a few tattoos and scars on his body, one of wrapping barbed wire going down his right arm, one of a skull on his left shoulder, has a scar slicing down his right eye and a stab wound on his left hip.

Weapons: A 50. Desert Eagle colored silver with an engraved skull on the handle which he puts away on a holster on his belt.

An M4 that he only really uses on tough occasions which rests on the side of his motorcycle.

Abilities: Doesn't believe in fear, he stares death right in the face and he is able to fire his Desert Eagle with one hand.

Personality: Kayne is not a cheerful person and doesn't get scared or intimidated easily.
He kills for a living but only people who are guilty and deserving of punishment, he rides from town to town, city to city on his motorcycle looking for victims who prey on the innocent.
No one knows much about Kayne or where he's from, rumors always go around that he was once a victim of a crime against him and was living in suffer until he decided to do something about it.
Kayne doesn't drink alcohol or do drugs, the only addiction he has is being a killer, and that's all he will ever be.
Some people believe Kayne has no soul and think he's a bad guy, where some think Kayne as a guardian watching over the innocent.

Bio: Kayne had been living in an ocean of sorrows ever since he was a teenager, his father had walked out on him and his mother when he was 5, and his mother was abusive towards him. He ran away at the age of 13 and was living in the streets, everyday he would be beat up by thugs and gangs until one day he stood his ground and started to fight back.
Kayne quit school in grade 8 which the principal did not allow it, so Kayne told him to "go F*** himself" which in the end the principal expelled him for that disrespecting attitude towards him.
Kayne had made himself a hideout underground in the train station with his partner Ian “Riyuzaky” Logan who he found a couple years back wondering in the streets and was being beat up by thugs, he later found out Ian was just like him, parents were horrible people so he took him in and now both work as bounty hunters in hiding, Kayne does the collecting and Ian is his weapons organizer and designer, he also does all the collecting of bounties as anonymous so no one knows who they are.

Other: Kayne had customized his own motorcycle which he picked up at a junk yard and worked on it for months which now looks brand new.
Edited by Punishin, 28 Aug 2009, 12:04 PM.
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